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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Celebrity Marriage Over

Cardi B and Offset 

Celebrity Marriage in the Dumps

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Say it ain't so... Cardi B and Offset didn't even make it a year in matrimony. The Stripper turned Superstar, went to instagram in the twilight hours, to explain that even though they have alot of love for each other and they are great business partners, but things haven't been working out.
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 But to be honest who couldn't call it. This had Publicity Stunt written all over it. They may have had true love for each other. But, somewhere down the line, Hollywood made them happen. By it being a big story last year, the two rising stars started dating and after a few weeks Offset proposed. I was happy for them. But, in the back of my mind I couldn't help but wonder, "How long will it last." Not every celebrity marriage can't end up like Jada and Will Smith, but even they admit to having an open marriage. 
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And it's marriages like this that make me think of the slave masters "BREEDING" 2 negro slaves together that work hard, in the hopes of conceiving a child with their talent and work ethic. Only way to really verifiy this is to give it 16 yrs and lets see the life path that baby Kulture will choose for herself...

There you go..peace and love

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