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Revolutionary Hour

This is the Revolutionary Hour

Welcome to the only radio show dedicated to helping you make the world a better place, by helping you become a better person. We bring you not only current events but also civics, jurisprudence, and economic education to help you to not only be a more productive citizen, but a wealthier one as well. We only play positive uplifting music to help stimulate the mind, and no we are not talking Bethoven, but with the over saturation of violent rap hip hop and, yes, even RnB, we feel you can get the point more accurately with conscience music. So tune in tonight and let us  revolutionize your mind on Revolutionary Hour!!!

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My ancestors during slavery were convinced they were niggers. Their direct descendants let themselves be named negro and colored. Their descendants cl...

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               And when it comes to justice, theres no better way to achieve it other than learning the law. When we learn the system we can play the game that was played against us at a more experienced level. So lets get the justice that we deserve.