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Boss Legends Apparel and more

Artists, producers, entrepreneurs, are you having a hard time telling all your online locations to your internet prospects? Or do you just want to look more hip and blend in with the 21st century?
Then you need a mobile app built for your business. With all your social media, website, online store and much more, available to your clients and prospects right in their pockets, they will be bound to click through more than now. So click the image above ab d see for yourself why you need a mobile app.

Available in Android, iPhone, Facebook and embed and made available for download.

Apps and Graphix

And don't forget the support SBC and B.O.S.S. Radio by purchasing Boss Legends merchandise from our store below:

Payments made here by way of Paypal or Debit/credit Cards. Below are satisfied customers and there websites for further review just click on their Graphix...


Started in 2014, Southside Bosses wanted to connect with their fans, followers and Bosses committed to the cause, in a way that, tangibly, attaches each and everyone of us in an intangible way. Hence, along with the help of Producing Legends, Boss Legends Apparel was born. With original innovative designs that captures the eye at first glance with tees, hats, and accessories. Soon to come to the brand will be more apparel to renovate the fashion industry.

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