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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Another song another dollar

Got an original song that you want heard all over the South. Need that promotion to do shows in other cities, hell even other states, but you need that buzz first. Send your songs in compressed .wav to Only. Original songs you own the rights to.
If you have no original song and would like to feature on songs with other well established southern artists, and you want to start obtaining royalties (monies) for your lyrics, send your request to this SOUTHSIDE BOSSES 2013 will be hitting better get your spot now. And make sure you are part of a performing rights organization and send your ipi number to collect royalties. You own all rights to your song and features own rights to their verse. We push for radio play so send edited versions as well. Lets get this paper baby bring the underground of the South straight to the face of the world.

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