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Monday, January 15, 2018

Is The Door To Your Relationship Open



This Sunday on FSC's Passion Hour we open the discussion of Open Relationships. Would you mind, are you repulsed or is just a faint fantasy in the back of your mind. While Polygamy has become increasingly more popular in this generation. The term Open Relation is actually less complex than the former. It's where couples have a mutual agreement that relations can be sought elsewhere as long as there is an open line of communication. Sure strong relationships aren't determined by sex but can the very thing that ends so many unions also be the bonding adhesive in others.Also a special warm shout out to my sis Queen and Connie from MwahXM Radio for coming out and sharing with us last week  definitely Flashy Sassy and Classy ladies. Come join #FSC #PassionHour to hear more on the people's views of this subject. Sunday night at 7pm on B.O.S.S Radio😘😘

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