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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Drake vs Wayne... Pt2?

Will Drake and Lil Wayne go back on tour again?

It has been 4 years since the duo has touched the stage together, but now Drake and Lil Wayne may be hitting it up again for another tour. After Drake's tour, Aubrey and the three Migos, came to its final stop, Lil Wayne said they congratulatory message to Drake congratulating him on his final spot on his tour. In the message he hints at another possible tour with Aubrey which would definitely be a massive money maker

during the last tour, Drake vs. Lil Wayne, they both would spit a verse and then leave it up to the audience to determine who was the best rapper in the world. It would be amazing to see that again
between the two lyrical beasts.

As you can tell from the videos, looking the part is just as important than just sounding the part. So We here at Southside Bosses researched a full items that are now on sale.

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