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Mr. Flava Stars on the Strip Showcase

Stars of the Strip

 Music Showcase


Mr. Flava is set to turn up on the stage. Along with a myriad of other guests, Mr. Flava has been invited to bring some of the best reggae music the island of Jamaica has been proud to conceive. He has been on the scene for a hot minute so this doesn't come as a surprise to Jamaican Reggae fans, and has been honestly yearned for on the underground circuit. 
Mr. Flava was recently a guest on B.O.S.S. Radio and the listeners responded by making his the number one episode on Reggae Hour.

Make sure you are there to See this great performance.

Mr. Flava

Mr. Flava, born Colin Alrick Greenwood;  hails from Islington, in the parish of  St. Mary, Jamaica. He gained his education at Water Valley Primary and Islington Secondary School. From very early years, he was interested in music and his refined palette acquired an urgent passion for reggae. From a young age he would perform to family and friends and even at local community shows.
After leaving school, Mr. Flava realized that the best place for a performing artist to gain recognition was in Kingston, so, he took a chance and relocated to Fletcher's Land, in Kingston. There, he started visiting studios and began to develop his already-nurtured skills further. His main inspiration came a little later on, from the blazing Jamaican reggae Star, Mad Cobra, who he had the fortune of meeting when he worked in his profession as a Barber at a Beautician Salon, owned by Mad Cobra's wife. The Star often visited the salon and would give Mr. Flava pointers and some guidance in the art.
It was in Fletcher's Land, that Mr. Flava once again found himself upon the stage, but this time, he was performing alongside many famous Jamaican reggae artistes in events such as the annual shows "West Kingston Jamboree" held in the Tivoli Gardens and the "Fletcher's Land Jamboree" held in it's own territory. He also performed at both the annual shows the "Allman Town Jamboree" and the "St. Mary Mi Come From", in their perspective parishes along with the well-known "Champions In Action" show.
Mr. Flava has performed at many charity events in Jamaica and prolifically shared the stage with almost every top artiste in the reggae/dancehall industry. To date, he has a varied collection of tracks, which can be found by following the various media links given below:


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