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Thursday, December 24, 2020

Chicago's Levi Stress

 Sumthin 2 Build With

Artist: Levi Stress

Genre: Hip Hop, Rap

Location: Chicago, IL

Album: "Sumthin 2 Build With"

Stream / Purchase here:

Artwork: See Below

Twitter: @LeviStress2 @IStillLoveHER



About the Album:

Chicago Hip Hop artist Levi Stress presents his latest album "Sumthin 2 Build With".

Recorded in the summer, the project brought forth collaborative work with his Sunsurfers bandmates; THE III and guest appearances from Sam Byrd and SamIam the MC.

"Sumthin 2 Build With" is 17 songs of dope rhymes, ill beats and raw skills, taking it back to the basics of Hip Hop.

Check out the album and grab your copy below.

Find more info here:

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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Keem The Franchize

Black Summer

Artist: keemthefranchize

Genre: Rap, Hip Hop

Location: Detroit, MI


Stream / Purchase:

Artwork: See Below

Twitter: @KeeM_FranchiZe @IStillLoveHER_



Detroit hip-hop artist keemthefranchize presents his latest mixtape called BLACK SUMMER.

This “Free EP” is described as an expression about the dark space, while embracing this extraordinary dark race. BLACK SUMMER stays true to the lyrical word-play and storytelling style that fans of keemthefranchize have come to love and expect.

When asked about the inspiration behind BLACK SUMMER, Keem explains that "things came to a tipping point. I was already in a dark place from dealing with the effects of covid-19, losing my godmother, the racial injustice, remembering last summer but grateful to be out of that dark spot, and then I was blindsided by a situation with some friends of mine. I normally don’t speak on things that bother me. I usually bottle it up, but I felt like this time it was necessary to speak on it.” Although it was a dark time, Keem says that he was also able to get in tune with his skin, the melanin, and have pride in his blackness. “I’ve never spoke on race when previous injustices bothered me because I felt awkward and fearful.” Keem hopes that BLACK SUMMER will inspire others to process and heal from their own dark spots. He says, “We all have dark moments, but being vulnerable and transparent about it is the start of healing.”

Check out the EP and grab your copy below.


Keem showcases his many talents not only through music, but in film, and motivational speaking as well. This multifaceted artist shares his story of perseverance and inspiration via Instagram and Facebook through a series of episodes called, “Keemotherapy.” His message truly resonates with people of all ages and backgrounds, reminding them to always look at the deeper message behind every situation and to have faith that it will all work out for the good.

The rapper/filmmaker known as keemthefranchize got his start in music through his love of the culture and started writing rhymes at a young age. Born and raised in Detroit, his passion for music and film took him to Eastern Michigan University. After graduation Keem’s journey led him to Houston where he would experience one of the biggest challenges of his life: stage 3 cancer. He is now a proud cancer survivor and advocate. Keem’s music features a layered, lyrical depth and is described as ideal for the visual storytelling of film and television.

Find more info here:

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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

JJ Finesser

Perfect Match

Artist: JJ Finesser

Genre: Hip Hop, Rap

Location: CA

Video: "Perfect Match":

Stream here:

Artwork: See Below

Twitter: @jjfinesser @IStillLoveHER_


Written as a love song to Hip Hop 'Perfect Match' is the latest release to come from hip-hop emcee JJ Finesser. "Her steadying presence consistently inspires me to be the best version of myself everyday." explains JJ Finesser. 'Perfect Match' is the latest single in the exciting build up to JJ Finesser's upcoming album which is expected for early January 2021. The personification of Hip Hop in this love song makes for an intimate and visceral listening experience. The song 'Perfect Match' details the origin of the relationship between JJ Finesser and Hip-Hop, taking the listener on a journey from the beginning to now. "Hip-Hop is the source of my creativity. She's Hip-Hop." adds JJ Finesser, describing 'Perfect Match' as a way of communicating the importance Hip-Hop has to him.

Check out the video stream the track below.

Influenced by 2pac, Grand Puba, Keith Murray, and Mos Def, JJ Finesser describes himself as a real hip-hop emcee. A student of the old school sounds of hip-hop, he classes his work as renaissance hip hop as it pays tribute to the traditions of the genre. Inspired by the golden era of 90s hip hop, JJ Finnesser makes it his mission to let the younger generation know what real Hip-Hop sounds like, looks like and feels like. All three of his albums have been mixed, and mastered by Jerry D.

Find more info here:
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Sunday, December 20, 2020

Black Fests 2021

2021 Black Festivals  

After 2020 we need a whole year worth of breaks, and I think I have the perfect idea. Let's go festival hopping. and 2021 is jam packed full of Jam Rock Concerts and festivals that starts up when the earth wakes up in Spring, just like the ancestors used to do.

Good music has helped the whole lot of us deal with the quarantine and isolation forced on us by a deadly unseen enemy. Some of us have lost loved ones and had your lives utterly crippled by the events of this past period of despair. So, it would only be a good idea to celebrate life with live music, good friends, and maybe some good weed.

Below We have mapped out a guide to this next years festivals so you can plan accordingly.

Reggae Rise Up- Florida-03/18/2021-03/21/2021

The first weekend of the Spring equinox couldn't be greeted no fairer than with our most heavily culture influenced music of Reggae. Reggae Rise up is one of Central Florida's hottest festivals. With name brand reggae artist lighting the stage up these past 4 years, this festival has not disappointed yet and is a high recommendation.

This years Artists include Damian Marley to open up the weekend, followed by Unfortunate Youth, Protoje and more, Then Saturday, it gets even hyper as the day band Slightly Stoopid who is guaranteed to perform this years newest hit One More Night. along with Soja and The Expendables following them. Sunday End off the weekend the right day with performances by Dirty Heads and Iration as well as Katastro and Summer survivors.

Enjoy great food and fun and even though it's Florida, Enjoy Deh Good Ganja...

Reggaeville Easter Special-Berlin, Germany- 03/31/2021-04/04/2021

In the Spring animals come out of hibernating, plants start to bear fruit again and man begins to be productive again. So, it would only be right to continue celebrating its arrival with another great week of concerts that make up Reggaeville Easter Special.

Since 2015, this East European festival has been visited by some of the most prolific artists and bands in the worldwide Reggae Community. With Anthony B, Lee Perry, Junior Kelly, Tiken Jah and more this Festival has allowed some of the finest in underground to explore major moves into the mainstream.

This year expect major line up with the main attractions being Protoje and Lila Ike with more acts being booked all the time. Don't be surprised you look up and see your favorite artist chiefing with the best of them at this  major event.


London Intl Ska Festival & corona virus

 California Roots-05/27-05/30/2021 Monterey, Ca

Taking off 2013 with big acts Slightly Stoopid, Rebelution, and more, this festival has always gotten the Summer kicked off right. Based out of Monterey, CA people from all over the world come together to celebrate happy living with no barriers and rules that holds you back. Find out who you really are at this party as your inhibitions melt away.

This year get ahold of Rebelution, Chronixx, Pepper, Tarrus Riley, Dean Fraser, The Movement, and more as this line up will not leave you lacking. And that's just on Friday.

Saturday you can hear "Bad Inna Bed" by Sean Paul, Hirie perform "Bonfire," and hitz off of Collie Budz Newest album  Hybrid dropped earlier this year.


In the Baltic Triangle, Liverpool, A festival is thrown that sets the middle of the summer off like nowhere else. Newest festival starting in 2017, it was the perfect midsummer festival that after a 2 year hiatus, is back with a mean lineup:
  • Gentlemen's Dub Club
  • Hollie Cook
  • Twinkle Brothers
  • Mad Professor
  • General Levy
  • Zion Train
  • Tippa Irie
  • Horseman
  • Mungo's Hi-Fi
  • Mellow Mood
  • Soom T
  • Skarra Mucci

For more Festivals lined up for next year checkout Reggaevilles website

Friday, December 18, 2020

[New Music] E The Mad Assassin

 Bear Handz 5: Gram Newton

ethemadassassin teams up with XP THE MARXMAN for "Lovestruck (Powder Mansions)," the first single off ethemadassassin's latest project, "Bear Handz 5: Gram Newton," produced by Akthentik.

The black and white Akthentik laced visual shows the assassin and the marxman spitting straight gas in the deserted streets of a Covid -19 stricken Los Angeles, California.

"Bear Handz 5: Gram Newton" drops Jan. 5, 2021 and features XP THE MARXMAN, Supreme Cerebral, and Hus Kingpin.

Check out the video and stream the single below.

With 10 albums, 2 EP’s, numerous international collaborations, and over 15 years in the music industry, Los Angeles (by way of North Carolina) emcee, ethemadassassin, is the physical embodiment of dedication, perseverance, independent artistry, and hustle.

Debuting as a solo artist in 2004 with the album, “Proverbs,” E followed up with 2008’s, “Tomorrow Never Comes,” and 2013’s, “Soul On Fire,” all of which E executive produced. During those years, E formed the now defunct group, Veteran Assassins and co-executive produced and released the albums, “Veteran Assassins,” in 2010, “Paint The Town Red,” in 2012, and, “G.O.L.D.” in 2016. Each of these albums, along with 10 Top 10 charting singles on Rap Attack Lives and Rap Network charts (USA and Canada), numerous guest appearances, a video on MTVBase (“Walk My Shoes” off 2008’s, “Tomorrow Never Comes”), videos on Ralph McDaniels’ Video Music Box (“Walk My Shoes,” “Lemme In,” off Veteran Assassins’ 2016 release, “G.O.L.D,” and “Spoiler Alert,” off “Bear Handz 2: Bear Market”), and international festival appearances (New Skool Rules, Rotterdam NL, Hip Hop Sonic, Groningen NL, Midem, Cannes Fr, StreetKrush, Gorinchem, NL) have garnered international recognition, acclaim, and praise and helped catapult ethemadassassin into position as an underground stalwart with a towering stage presence with a lyrical ability to produce uber-vivid depictions of the realities of his way of life.

Following the hostile breakup of Veteran Assassins, ethemadassassin re-emerged as a solo artist marked by an eventful 2018, dropping an EP, “Motivations” with Luse Kanz, produced by THE WDSMN, and his 4th and 5th solo albums, “Bear Handz: Magmatic” produced by QuakeMobb and, “Bear Handz 2: Bear Market,” produced by Nazar.

ethemadassassin started 2019 off with a super bang, releasing his 5th solo album, “Bear Handz 3: Animal House,” produced by ShortFuZe with features from Celinski The Mayor, J.Bond (of Illpo), O.G. Bobby Ne’gro, Pisto Pop, Sneek Rothstein, and Luse Kanz. E also made his mark in the music production world as he helped BMG Production Music earn the 2019 Mark Award for “Best Hip-Hop/R&B/Urban Track,” as lead writer and solo vocalist for Selectracks Song Catalog’s, ‘Stand Up (Put Our Fists Up)’ with Josh Mobley and Moria Denson (aka Jimi James).

In March 2020, ethemadassassin released, “Chain Reaction,” a collaborative EP with Los Angeles producer/emcee Diar Lansky. In September 2020, E released “Bear Handz 4: Dark Side Of The Mountain,” which features the singles, “Children Of The Night,” “Don’t Mix Ya Dishes,” and “10.” BH4 is produced entirely by Swedish boombap producer, Twelvebit.

On January 5, 2021, E is coming right back with the next Bear Handz installment, “Bear Handz 5: Gram Newton” produced by Akthentik, with appearances from Hus Kingpin, Supreme Cerebral, and XP The Marxman.

Also on the horizon is a collaborative EP with PNW (by way of NC) emcee, Seven Da Pantha, produced by Slide Beatz, a separate solo EP produced by Slide Beatz and an EP produced by long time friend and collaborator, Gav Beats, who recently produced the 2019 summer smash, “Black Men Don’t Cheat.”

stay posted, as the story adds on…

Find more info on ethemadassassin here:

Thursday, December 17, 2020

[New Artist] Warlok

 Don't Forget Me

Miami's own Warlok is back at it again, dropping a new track called "Coming Up", along with accompanying visuals, off his latest EP "Don’t Forget Me".

The video takes the viewer to the streets of Miami, perfectly fitting the soundscape, produced by Miami Beat Wave, which Warlok flows over effortlessly.

Check out the video and stream the EP below.

Rapper, singer-songwriter Warlok is on a mission to make his mark in the Hip-Hop game by staying true to his roots while embracing the evolving tastes of music. Whether it be Miami Bass, Dub Step, Drum and Bass, Hip-Hop or Electronica the overall sound is quintessentially Warlok. No matter what.
Warlok’s love of Hip-Hop started from a young age in his birthplace of North Bergen, New Jersey. At the age of 2 his Cuban immigrant parents moved to Miami, FL where he continued to live the beat of city through graffiti art and Hip-Hop, in particular his admiration of 1990's artists such as Beastie Boys, Snoop Dogg, Notorious B.I.G., Three 6 Mafia and UGK. Each of these rappers gave him a foundation, further stoked when he was introduced to Wu Tang Clan. The group’s diversity in lyrical styles but intense nature of rhyming, showcased in one of his favorite song “Protect ‘Ya Neck”, was the light bulb moment of his adolescent years. It was then that he realized that he needed to add his voice to Miami’s Hip-Hop landscape; Carlos Martinez became Warlok.

Upon entering South Miami High School, a breeding ground for developing Hip-Hop lyricism under pressure, Warlok began penning his own verses.Through his years at South Miami High School, Warlok learned that rapping is more than if you can spit a hot 16 bars, it’s about holding your ground which is the main reason to stay in the game. Word of mouth spread amongst his classmates as his friends bragged about Warlok’s battling skills urging him into rap cyphers against fellow classmate including Pitbull, Ghost Wridah and Dela Candela. From these cyphers, the combination of honest feedback with his street notoriety solidified his Hip-Hop clout. It was then that Warlok started to fine tune his sound. After graduation, Warlok began making songs and was featured on various mixtapes and street albums.

Warlok describes his sound as more than typical Hip-Hop. Yes, he follows the formula but adds his own unmistakable twist of personality, aspirational at times but inherently relatable. Warlok embraces the grit of street life, no matter what streets he speaks of, with fervor and candor. The 808's are just an accompaniment, at times letting it speak to him which can mean more than his verses allowing it to evolve through experimentation giving the tracks more life. His progressing message is rooted in the desire to affect change through positivity, letting his verses take you through his journey one beat at a time. Whether listening to “Do You Think About Me”, “Phantom of the Dark” or “What You Selling” it’s clear that his drive to continue is constant, taking inspiration from everything making his art more genuine. His new project titled 1997 EP will prove this.
“I have skills, I have taken my time on purpose to come across as a full package” Warlok stated. Warlok is the kind of rapper to not second-guess nor pigeonhole sobe prepared for a surprise.
-Megan Silvera

Find more info here:


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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Kelsey Nicole Calls Out Megan

 What Happened Between Kelsy Nicole And Megan Thee Stallion

Megan thee Stallion, Dropped her debut album and the first track on the album is the most controversial. After accusing Tory Lanez of shooting he in the foot on his BDay, there has been a lot conversation surrounding the incidents of that night where Megans estranged best friend Kelsey Nicole was present but has yet to come forward to back up her friends claim. In SHOTS FIRED, Megan accuses Kelsey of  accepting hush money and gives her a large piece of that diss track.

Needless to say that this did not sit well for the ex BFF who obviously do not want her friend to look bad but also probably do not want to lie as well. Tory Lanez maintains his innocence and in the court of Public opinion a large group of people are siding with Tory who seems to be with holding info to protect someone. Maybe Megan. 

But the diss track on the debut album of one of the hottest artist of 2020, was enough to bring Kelsey out of her silence and into the booth as she drops a 2 min diss that was actually a good diss track.

Then coming out on a IG Live she, in my opinion, exposes the hypocrisy of her friend for 12 years. Listen below.