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Thursday, March 31, 2022

Black Women in All their Uniqueness

Conversations with The Black Woman

On B.O.S.S. Radio's Revolutionary Hour Podcast

With Mr. E 

With this latest nomination for Supreme Court Justice, Ketanji Brown Jackson, being given the opportunity of a lifetime, Black Women seem to be winning. But, according to the US census, BW are getting married more in their 30's compared to White Women who a large percentage are marrying by 25.

So, we were lucky enough to catch up with three Black Women who know who they are. Women who are not second guessing themselves in life and know where they are headed with a determination that could conquer all. 

All of us had a great time conversing about their viewpoints when it came to living their lives in this new era. In this conversation I learned one thing. Listening to the black woman come begin to move solutions. 

We already see they have taken their careers more seriously since they have opportunities to do so

And seeing how Women were the last ones to be given some type of Social Freedom they are now becoming mroe proactive instead of reactive, taking her destiny in her own hands.
Men are starting to not want to get married, But, now that women do not HAVE to get married nor bear children, They are opening other avenues for themselves.

This is the future and I believe that we  need to start preparing our children for it Mentally, Spiritually and Emotionally as long with Financial. 

Tune in to hear the whole show right here:

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

What Would You Do if they feet were Jacked up


What Would You Do Ep 10

You finally get your crush back to your place. You start to get naked and you notice their feet are jacked. I MEAN JACKED. Could you continue to get nasty with that person? Join us on the 10th for a special What Would You Do?

If you want to join the convo call in to (267)8079605 Access Code 475552. Or you can leave a comment below. I know you are going to CTFU.

Thursday, January 13, 2022

What Would you do Podcast On Passionate Love Hour

 Ever seen someone do something so stupid it made your skin crawl? Well then, what would you do in that exact Shituation?

Mr. E And Miss E₂ brings you the most entertaining interviews with the most engaging guests that happily tell their opinion and not afraid to tell it like it is. 

It's full of laughs, ooohhhs, and aaaawwwws for about an hour. Click here to enter Passionate Love and join the fun. Also, follow and share us so your family and friends can find out more about themselves in a comedic way that'll have the whole family 17and up in stitches cracking up.

Please, don't forget to leave us a comment telling us what exactly you would do if the shoe was on the other foot. How would it really go down. 😂😂😂. What Would You Do?

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

[New Music and Video Release] Skaii D Limit Feat Chi Ching Ching "Come Alive"

 Skaii D Limit Feat Chi Ching Ching "Come Alive"

Skaii D Limit drops another gem to hit the radio's real soon. Featuring Chi Ching Ching, Come Alive really makes you come alive with the uptempo beat, Lyrics that are pure sweet nothingness in your ears make you want to grab your lover and pull them close.

Skaii isn't a stranger to Southside Bosses and B.O.S.S. Radio dropping her last single F.W.B. with us and she continues to make the ladies feel empowered and men gawk at her beauty and talent. Tune in below to experience and Come Alive.  

[Interview] Anthony Cruz


Nephew of legend Garnett Silk and Aaron "The Rod" Silk, Anthony Cruz has been a driving force in the Reggae community for over a decade. Bringing us some of your favorite jams such as Heartbreak Anniversary, No Weapon, Heart, Mind, and Soul, and many more that you've dance to, cried to, and lauded to. He has brung us positivity that we will find comfort in decades more from now.

Bosses were blessed to have a one on one conversation with Anthony to catch up with the progress he has been making. We found more. Tune in below to hear the creativity, honor and knowledge that exudes from this talented artist. We present to you... Anthony Cruz.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

[Live Interview] Why Glen Washington won't make violent music

Ladies and Gentlemen, Glen Washington.

Glenroy Washington is not your average run of the mill artist. This well rounded Veteran to the Reggae Industry has been dominating hearts of people all over the world. dropping multiple albums including 
  • Brother To Brother (1996), Studio One
  • Get Next To Me (1998), VP Records/Joe Frasier
  • Think About It (1999), Digital Eclipse Records
  • Can't You See (1999), Charm Records
  • Solitary Red Rose (1999), Ruff Stuff Records
  • Wandering Stranger (2000), Studio One
  • Number One Girl (2000), VP Records
  • Can't Keep A Good Man Down (2001), Don One Sounds
  • Free Up The Vibes (2001), VP Records
  • Your Love (2002), VP Records
  • Wanna Be Loved (2004), VP Records
  • The Right Road, (2004), Jet Star Records
  • Heart Of The City (2006), Don One Sounds
  • Destiny (2008), VP Records
  • Glen Washington Meets Jah Ruby (2009), Jah Ruby Records/VP Records
  • Masterpiece (2012), Zion High Productions
  • Vibes (2013), Cou$ins Records
  • Time of My Live (2017), Love Injection Productions

 From showing up to packed houses with 1000s of sold out seats chanting his name and his music, and once even helped him perform a show until his band was able to make it. From having military security to rocking out with the elites,  Glen has definitely made his mark on history. 
The best part of this artist is the fact that he doesn't follow trends. He plans to never make violent music and he tells us why here below. Truly an artist I'd love my children to look up to.

Look at me talking to you as if you didn't know this man by name and reputation already LOL. well we was able to get in touch with him just so that we could get to know him even better. And we have the conversation below just for you. So, hit that  play button and lets get to know Reggae legend Glen Washington.

Sunday, October 17, 2021

[Live Interview] Roya reggae artist tells us why Believing in yourself matters

 Roya Live on B.O.S.S. Radio

Starting as a youth, singing was a fundamental right that Roya exercise with no prejudice. Built into the key cornerstones of her DNA, the natural talent she possesses has propelled her into a journey of music and influence. And, even though she was faced with challenges, she continued to believe in herself.

From a youth, Roya was known to have an exceptional voice and talent that would lead her to sucess and with the help of her family particularly her older brother, she began to make waves. We love the way she talks about believing in one self. Listen below to hear how she did it and learn who the next to multitalented artist will be on the scene.


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