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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Drunk in Chase

Jay-Z and Beyonce chased off stage.

Jay-Z and Beyonce were wrapping up their "On The Run II" tour in Atlanta Saturday night when an intoxicated man jumped on stage and chased Jay-Z and Beyonce into the back. Fortunately, no one was hurt and Jay-Z's and Beyonce's Publicis informed us that they are okay and unharmed.


Friday, July 13, 2018

Rappers in the crypto game

Crypto Rappers

Revolutionising the music industry

Cryptocurrency has been the life of the party for investors and Traders for the past 8 years. So it was only right that the rap industry finally get their hands on the most private currency on the market today. With artists like Pusha T, Akon, Yung Dirty, son of Old Dirty Bastard, and Ghostface Killah dabbling in this section of Technology only shows its invaluable necessity to the Smart Living that we are soon to be enjoying.

Recently, hip hop artist Pusha T teamed up with tech businessman Summer Watson to create a hip hop app named Heir, which allows fans to vote music up or down. The users with the most influence will receive cryptocurrency known as Crown. Users can also lose Crown by going against the grain-or voting for an unpopular song/voting against a popular song. A great platform to finally link the hip-hop industry to the fans so that more valuable high quality music can be produced.

After Akon brought solar power to Africa, the Senegal born Entertainer was rewarded 2,000 acres of land by the Senegal president. It was then that the artist of hits such as Locked Up and Smack That, created the idea of building a Smart City. In this Smart City, the currency to be used will be his cryptocurrency AKOIN.

Old Dirty Bastard son, Barson James, set out to launch dirty coin ODB. By partnering Old Dirty Bastards is state and Link Media Partners they plan to use this cryptocurrency to help fans be more active in their favorite artist careers. By allowing fans to purchase tickets, CDs, merchandising and other memorabilia with this cryptocurrency, gives them first dibs at show tickets and can even qualify them to receive free tickets to shows.

So as you see, not only is the cryptocurrency industry booming, but it is also finding his way into practical Industries such as the hip-hop industry. Even rappers have embraced the emergence of a private currency and we as fans should embrace it as well.

Silkk The Shocker New Album

Silkk The Shocker

Back Out Of The Underground

Back from the underground, Silkk the Shocker plans to drop a new album for the first time since 2004, Based on a True Story. This new album, dropping 7/17/2018, was announced via Twitter and didn't generate noise. As you can see below hardly any likes and rarely in his retweets:

 Featuring his single Bags which is very similar to some of the younger artist music that is out today. 

It seems like he is more copying the trend rather than bringing his Define style back. I have only listened to Bags but I see on YouTube that he has been working since 2016 putting videos out such as this one:

One thing I must say, I love his business ethics he stays working. And we shouldn't let the single foodless. He has been working on this album for a couple of years, so it may be surprisingly one of the hottest albums to drop this year. Only one way to find out. Hang around until July 17th 2018 when Silkk the Shocker drops his latest album.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Featured Artist of July WILL RO

Will Ro

 Featured Artist of July

 Florida has been known for producing great hiphop and rnb keeping the club scene lit. No artist has done this as well as Will Ro. Over the years he has been lighting up the stage, bumping out the trunk, and lacing your speakers on the underground with that heat. You can now find on Spotify.

Born in Los Gatos, California and raised in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, Will-Ro is an independent recordingartist/songwriter. With musical inspirations including Outkast, T.I. and Eminem his unique blend of styles is a refreshing sound that captivates listeners from a wide array of backgrounds. His first solo project "Intent 2 Sell, Vol. 1" was released in November of 2016.
B.O.S.S. Radio features WILL RO on New Music Monday.  

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Zambia puts it down for the music scene

B.O.S.S. Radio



... all week starting June 18, 2018 with Passion Hour, PASSION OF ZAMBIA where we will be playing Zambian R&B to help you end your weekend off right. The following day we will introduce you to Massive, Lil Ma Vis, Pricetag and more great Zambian artists that have helped build the music ecology of their nation.
One thing about their music I love is the fact they do not charge for their music. It's given free of charge because they understand the power of sponsorships. By not putting monetary value on two art, they keep it in their heart. Providing true inspiration devoid of shallow essence of conformity delivered in the form of lies.
Everyone has their own niche and personality that seperates them from others, but still upholds the culture that is Zambia.
John us as we celebrate Zambia and their a reggae scene in this week's Reggae Hour, broadcasting this world music with a spliff in ya mouth and a rump in ya hand. Turning the club up so tune in.

Southside Bosses presents Mr. E

Southside Bosses


Mr. E

Always ready to make you get up and move while at the same time delivering lyrics that molds minds, Mr. E has welded to essentials of the rap in his latest self titled "Mr. E". Re-releasing his debut single "Drop it like a Bomb" with remix featuring Tron, he has compiled new music along with new style to accompany his already witty self on top of instrumentals that are popping and ready to Make You Dance.

Released on June 1st 2018 it has been the talk of underground releases and continues to prove the Gutta Baby still has it. You can read more about Mr. E the Gutta Baby here and you can download his new CD off Spotify Deezer Tidal & More. So make sure you go and check out and purchase his new album in stores now.