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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

African American Voter Suppression in 2018

Since 1870, African americans were exposed to all kinds of heinous schemes in order to keep them from making it to the Voting Polls. Some were harassed some were murdered. Some were courageous and some were discouraged, but it never failed. Any black person that thought of taking their destiny in their own hands, were met with extreme resistance.

Notice I said Since 1870. It's 2018 and nothing has changed. Almost 150 years after Blacks were GRANTED the PRIVILEDGE to vote and we are still being harassed. October 16th 2018, Voting Enthusiast group Black Voters Matter was conducting a transportation service for African American Senior Citizens who wanted to vote in the 2016 Georgia Governor Election, when they were approached by an official of the Senior Citizen Center and asked for the Seniors to vacate the bus. Now, keep in mind this is a center and not a home. The Seniors are there on their own volition and have not been admitted. So by asking them to leave the bus and stay put is illegal detainment.

A county clerk reportedly called the senior center and said there were “concerns” about the seniors being transported in the city of Louisville, south of Augusta by the Black Voters Matter bus. They were concerned about the “political activity” which isn’t allowed during county-sponsored events.

Now here's the kicker, Latosha Brown, Co-Founder of Black Voters Matter, reported on The Roland Martin show that the center had also arranged transportation to the voting polls prior to Black Voters Matter, and they were also told to abandon their plan as well. So this time voter registration succeeded in stopping black votes... Well at least postponing it.

Now there is no City Council Official that will take responsibility for the call,  so there's no one as usual to be held accountable. It probably wasn't even a city official. It could have been a regular citizen that made a phone call impersonating an official office and making demands and threatening to fire someone. If so, We will call her Voter Vixen.

But this brings me to my final point. If Voter Vixen made this false call then we should hold the recipient of the phone call accountable. For one, fear of losing your job should never make you do something illegal, KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. And two, it shows that the common citizen does not know basic rights covered by the constitution, well maybe the criminals do, the always claim their rights are being violated though they never say which ones lol.

If we do not know our rights, then we can be used as pawns by the ones we elect to protect those rights. Soon, we may forget that the 4th amendment protects our right to bear arms. And if you didn't catch that then our guns are already gone. By Voter Vixen scaring this person of losing his job, he gave up his rights, then violated the rights of several of our seniors by denying their right to vote. 148 years after being granted that privilege.

And no one will be punished because... It's Just a Privilege.

Saturday, October 13, 2018



When you are a promoter of hip-hop and rap artist, there is a certain type of decorum that you must abide by in order to keep everything professional. But nowadays more and more amateurs are joining the promotion and event planning game without proper knowledge. We call these people janky promoters.

It is more than booking a venue and booking some acts. First there's picking the perfect venue, picking vendors to supply refreshments, picking a door cash Handler... You get the picture., Then matching music to the event. You don't want to be playing gangster rap music at a church event. So a good selection of of music is a must. Not only do Southside Boss Connection have the hook up with music publishing libraries, we are also a music publishing Library as well. So we carefully select music.
One K1ng has a story about a Jankey A$_ Promoter out of Corpus Chisti, Tx. So sit back and hear how to tell a Jankey Promoter here on SBC TV and Southside Boss Connection.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Flava of Reggae

Mr. Flava 

on SBC TV and B.O.S.S. Radio

Mr. Flava of Jamaica was nice enough to join Mr. E on a video call, as they chop it up about Music, Jamaica, Barbering and more. We get to know him theru the rhythm and the Riddim of the countryside of Jamaica. We speak on growing up during the golden age of Reggae, listening to some of the legends of Reggae.

He gives the younger, newer artists some great advice that I expect all young artists to here... So check it out below.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

K1ngs Judgement on SBC TV

SBC Tv has bestowed the authority to K1ng of Corpus Christi, Tx to judge all haters and procrastinators. With his excellent sense of judgement and standup character, he, along with Decisive da Hica, exacts truthfulness from every blundering fiasco the world throws at us. and given the cuyrrent state of thre world, I'd be the first to say, WE NEED SOMEONE TO TELL IT HOW IT IS...

K1ng is that ONE KING

Tune in with us as we debut with the Colin Kaepernick/Nike/TRUMP... Need I Say Anymore.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Drunk in Chase

Jay-Z and Beyonce chased off stage.

Jay-Z and Beyonce were wrapping up their "On The Run II" tour in Atlanta Saturday night when an intoxicated man jumped on stage and chased Jay-Z and Beyonce into the back. Fortunately, no one was hurt and Jay-Z's and Beyonce's Publicis informed us that they are okay and unharmed.


Friday, July 13, 2018

Rappers in the crypto game

Crypto Rappers

Revolutionising the music industry

Cryptocurrency has been the life of the party for investors and Traders for the past 8 years. So it was only right that the rap industry finally get their hands on the most private currency on the market today. With artists like Pusha T, Akon, Yung Dirty, son of Old Dirty Bastard, and Ghostface Killah dabbling in this section of Technology only shows its invaluable necessity to the Smart Living that we are soon to be enjoying.

Recently, hip hop artist Pusha T teamed up with tech businessman Summer Watson to create a hip hop app named Heir, which allows fans to vote music up or down. The users with the most influence will receive cryptocurrency known as Crown. Users can also lose Crown by going against the grain-or voting for an unpopular song/voting against a popular song. A great platform to finally link the hip-hop industry to the fans so that more valuable high quality music can be produced.

After Akon brought solar power to Africa, the Senegal born Entertainer was rewarded 2,000 acres of land by the Senegal president. It was then that the artist of hits such as Locked Up and Smack That, created the idea of building a Smart City. In this Smart City, the currency to be used will be his cryptocurrency AKOIN.

Old Dirty Bastard son, Barson James, set out to launch dirty coin ODB. By partnering Old Dirty Bastards is state and Link Media Partners they plan to use this cryptocurrency to help fans be more active in their favorite artist careers. By allowing fans to purchase tickets, CDs, merchandising and other memorabilia with this cryptocurrency, gives them first dibs at show tickets and can even qualify them to receive free tickets to shows.

So as you see, not only is the cryptocurrency industry booming, but it is also finding his way into practical Industries such as the hip-hop industry. Even rappers have embraced the emergence of a private currency and we as fans should embrace it as well.