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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Zambia puts it down for the music scene

B.O.S.S. Radio



... all week starting June 18, 2018 with Passion Hour, PASSION OF ZAMBIA where we will be playing Zambian R&B to help you end your weekend off right. The following day we will introduce you to Massive, Lil Ma Vis, Pricetag and more great Zambian artists that have helped build the music ecology of their nation.
One thing about their music I love is the fact they do not charge for their music. It's given free of charge because they understand the power of sponsorships. By not putting monetary value on two art, they keep it in their heart. Providing true inspiration devoid of shallow essence of conformity delivered in the form of lies.
Everyone has their own niche and personality that seperates them from others, but still upholds the culture that is Zambia.
John us as we celebrate Zambia and their a reggae scene in this week's Reggae Hour, broadcasting this world music with a spliff in ya mouth and a rump in ya hand. Turning the club up so tune in.

Southside Bosses presents Mr. E

Southside Bosses


Mr. E

Always ready to make you get up and move while at the same time delivering lyrics that molds minds, Mr. E has welded to essentials of the rap in his latest self titled "Mr. E". Re-releasing his debut single "Drop it like a Bomb" with remix featuring Tron, he has compiled new music along with new style to accompany his already witty self on top of instrumentals that are popping and ready to Make You Dance.

Released on June 1st 2018 it has been the talk of underground releases and continues to prove the Gutta Baby still has it. You can read more about Mr. E the Gutta Baby here and you can download his new CD off Spotify Deezer Tidal & More. So make sure you go and check out and purchase his new album in stores now.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Julian Linen: Die for the Dollar

Die for the dollar

Julian Linen

He has done it again! The intellectual rapper from Florida has dropped another masterpiece, Julian Linen "Die for the Dollar" where he outlines the struggles individuals go through in order to make ends meet. With Mastery of wordplay, he helps the fortunate understand what the unfortunate goes through. The plights that most Can Only Imagine, but plagues the deepest of society. 
Julian Linen hails from Central Florida and being raised in the bottom of the map has helped him learn lessons that he shares through his music. Listen below...

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Cruise ft. R2ficial

R2ficial sets the stage on fire

in Cruise 

Mixing 2018 new school moves with old school dances, R2ficial keeps the screen lit up as he demonstrates cultural dancing along with Mr. E Da Gutta Baby's "Cruise." His cinematic presence up against a chilling instrumental and defining phrase, R2ficial is all but artificial in his fluidity.
Accompanied by eyecandy just to liven the experience, it still doesn't take away from the lavish moves this youngster commits to and we can see him in more projects in the future, So, Chris Brown as you might not enjoy the limelight in the dancing field, but it seems we may already have you successor in the making right here in R2ficial. Check him out below.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Andre 3 Stacks is Back


Still ahead of his time.

World renown but out going introvert, Andre 3000 has always been comfortable being hisself. Filling the spotlight of the 90's and 2000's with animated music that compared to none other. I mean, we all remember The Love Below/Speakerrboxx Album. Strange yet masterful, not only did he show his linguistic artistic skills, but he also showed his musical skills in production and in instruments.

But for over a decade, it has been very quiet for the most animated of the duo known as OUTKAST. Focusing on more behind the scenes projects, it had seemed Andre' would have graduated into that level of stardom that greats such as Ice Cube, Master P, and even P. Diddy has been enjoying. Yet, like Ice Cube, Andre' 3000 still dropping gems on our ears.

His two new tracks are heartfelt artistic reviews of aspects of the artists life that have shaped him into the man he is today. With his mothers passing and Mothers Day this month, he exudes a pain that can only be felt by a child losing there mother. 

Enjoy his Soundcloud below where Andre 3000  delivers some of his best music to date...

Thursday, May 10, 2018

This Is America

This Is America

Childish Gambino

One of the most popular interpretive dance videos to hit the scene in a long time, has Black America, as well as all of America, struggling to make sense of his interpretation of America.
By leaving the message open to interpretation, it leaves one to imagine if he had done this on purpose, forcing people to dialogue about the hardest topics to talk about. From the first scene where Gambino seems to execute an artistic hostage to the final scene of him running from the masses alluding to the sunken place, this video seems to touch alot of topics that run thru Americas veins as its life source.
Childish Gambino's ethnicity and the ethnicity of his wife has brought up the question, "Can you be Problack and still date outside your race?" So tune in as Mr. E, Connie, Discord aka Fallon, and Candy Liquor discuss his video and more here on B.O.S.S. Radio.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Caterpillar w/Royce da 5'9" ft. Eminem, King Green

Another explosive track with possibly the G.O.A.T. Eminem. Royce da 5'9" brings a beast to your ears as they call out all the rappers claiming to be No. one. Eminem call out the rap gods mumble rap by "Bringing an Ax to it." This is maybe one of the illest hip hop tracks to hit the streets.