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DJ Funk Flex Burns Drake Stans

DJ Funk Flex Drops the truth about real Hip Hop   Hahahah! Male and female rappers that don’t write is called “karaoke” with good marketing! We should dance to the music! BUT I don’t believe u on them songs!🤷🏿‍♂️ #JustMyOpinion — Funk Flex !!!!! (@funkflex) October 31, 2018 The world of HipHop has  evolved into such a commercial entity that now ghostwriting is another job position at a label that signs "REAL" Rappers. The most recent controversy over a G.O.A.T. taking ghostwriters for alot of projects, is Drake. As he is known for being a great performer and entertainer, his fans have been deluded into thinking hes more than that. But if you can't count how many songs the label has had written for you vs the songs you have written yourself, you have now became a court Jester. Or how DJ Funk Flex has mentioned above: a karaoke singer that can make us dance. Not to take away from his awesome ability to write classics and hits, but when you are a battle rapper,