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Investing Trading Cryptos and More

Welcome to the Crypto Boom If you haven't heard of CryptoCurrency by now I must ask you, WHAT ROCK HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING UNDER? With the age of information right at your finger tips, theres no reason why anyone should have a hard time finding a hustle that can bring an end to the suffering of economic derailing. We all know that we are facing more and more social and private struggles that no one else has been able to solve. Even black social enigmas have been proven to be fruitless as they are always isolated to a specific problem. Not saying we should look for a cure all, but what if there was one? What if there was a way for everyone to participate in the rebuilding of society which has been exacerbated by Banking regulations and policies that aren't law but treated as such in the punishments that they dish out. Thats why Miguel Martin David Haynie and I have been discussing this innovative idea that has been taking over called the blockchain. A place where regulation f

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Muzikal Explosion Double Album Release

M u z i k a l E x p l o s i o n : Judge Not Riddim//Precious Time Riddim Jah Myhrakle/ Abajonai Kush drops both of their riddim albums Saturday December 16th 2017 and for all my riddim heads these are two breathe taking albums. With jams like Faith Moves Mountains, Take Your Stand, Guild I and Hushhh, I can personally say this album is far from boring.  Listen to our interview with the two Riddim Stars as they talk about childhood, life, Riddim and more. Get to know the soon to be national sensations here on B.O.S.S. Radio.