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The Marley Family: Continuing the Legacy of Reggae Music

 The Marley Family: Continuing the Legacy of Reggae Music Kingston, Jamaica - The Marley family, known worldwide for their immense contributions to reggae music and cultural revolution, continues to carry the torch and champion the spirit of their iconic patriarch, Bob Marley. Spreading messages of peace, love, and unity, the Marley siblings have collectively become ambassadors of reggae music, maintaining their father's legacy and pushing the boundaries of the genre. The Marley family is a remarkable blend of talent, devotion, and perseverance. Born to Bob Marley and the legendary singer Rita Marley, this dynastic clan consists of Ziggy, Stephen, Damian, Ky-Mani, Julian, and Rohan Marley, all of whom have significantly shaped the reggae scene while forging their own distinct paths. Ziggy Marley, the eldest son, stands out as an influential musician, Grammy Award-winning artist, and humanitarian. Not only has he continued the Marley tradition of music-making, but Ziggy has also bec

Reggae nights Packery Bar and Grill

  Island Vibes in the Heart of Corpus Christi: Reggae Thursdays at Packery Bar & Grill Craving a taste of the tropics? Escape the ordinary and immerse yourself in island vibes every Thursday night at Packery Bar & Grill in Corpus Christi! Get ready to sway to the smooth sounds of reggae music starting at 8 pm. Local reggae bands will fill the air with infectious rhythms, creating the perfect atmosphere to unwind, socialize, and soak up good times with friends. Whether you're a reggae aficionado or simply looking for a unique and entertaining way to spend your Thursday evening, Packery Bar & Grill's reggae nights are the perfect solution. Soak up the Good Vibes at Packery Bar & Grill Packery Bar & Grill is your one-stop destination for authentic island vibes in Corpus Christi. Located at 13402 S. Padre Island Dr., this vibrant bar and grill offers a welcoming atmosphere, delicious food and drinks, and now, the hottest reggae nights in town! #ReggaeThursdays #

Watusi: Spreading One Love Through Reggae Vibes

Dallas, Texas, isn't exactly the first place that comes to mind when you think reggae. But for over 30 years, Watusi, a true Texas reggae legend [Encore Productions], has been bringing the good vibes with their infectious rhythms and message of unity. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Jimi Watusi (@jimiwatusi) I recently had the pleasure of catching up with Jimi Watusi, the band's frontman, and his passion for spreading peace and love through music was truly inspiring. "We come from all corners of the globe," Jimi explained, "but on stage, we're a family, united by the one love reggae spirit." Watusi's music is a beautiful blend of classic reggae with a touch of worldbeat [ReverbNation]. Their sound is guaranteed to get your head nodding and your heart smiling. But it's the message that truly resonates. "We want our music to be a beacon of hope," Jimi told me. "A reminder that even in these crazy t

From Reggae Rockstar to Gospel Crusader: The Epic Journey of Shalom! #Reggae #Gospel #MusicLegend

SHALOM!!! Get ready for a reggae redemption story that will have you shouting "Hallelujah!" and skanking to the beat all at once. Today, we delve into the incredible life and music of Stephen Omar Harper, better known by his stage names: Stevie Wonder (yes, you read that right!), and the mighty Shalom! Shalom's journey began in 1968, in the heart of Kingston, Jamaica. Music coursed through his veins from a young age, with the eight-year-old already belting out tunes. Fate intervened when he met the legendary Sugar Minott, founder of Youth Man Promotion Recording Studio. This is where Stevie Wonder, the name (don't ask!), transformed into a teenage reggae enthusiast soaking up knowledge under the wing of a master.   Sugar Minott Those early days saw Shalom touring the globe as a backup vocalist alongside the likes of the late Jennifer Lara. He crisscrossed continents, experiencing the electric energy of reggae fans in England, Germany, France, Canada, Japan, the US, an

Reefer Madness: The Gateway Drug Myth Debunked

Reefer Madness: The Gateway Drug Myth Debunked Alright, folks, let's talk about the elephant in the room, or should we say the giant bag of buds?  For decades, we've been bombarded with the propaganda that marijuana is a gateway drug, leading users down a dark path to heroin and beyond. But is there any truth to this claim? Let's take a hilarious trip through history and expose this reefer madness for what it is: a bunch of bunk. Hemp History: From George Washington to Reefer Madness In the early days of the US, hemp, a close relative of marijuana, was an agricultural superstar.  George Washington himself cultivated hemp!  But in the 1930s, things took a turn for the wacky.  Reefer Madness, a propaganda film portraying marijuana as a dangerous substance, whipped up a frenzy of fear.  Hemp, unfortunately, got lumped in with its psychoactive cousin, and both were demonized. Fast forward to the Fun Facts Here's some scientific bud for your brain:  * Studies have shown no c

One Love: Bob Marley's Story Rocks the DVD Realm!

  Roots Reggae Runs Deep: Bob Marley's One Love Arrives on DVD! Having dedicated the last two decades to chronicling the Marley legacy, there's no understatement in saying I was over the moon to attend the Jamaican premiere of "Bob Marley: One Love." Now, the wait is finally over – the roots reggae masterpiece lands on DVD today! This biopic isn't your average documentary. It's a cinematic journey into the soul of a legend. Director Denis Arcand masterfully weaves a tapestry of Marley's life, from his humble beginnings in Nine Miles to the meteoric rise of the Wailers. We witness the struggles, the triumphs, the unwavering passion that fueled Bob's revolutionary music. Kingsley Ben-Adir embodies the spirit of the reggae king with stunning authenticity. Witnessing his portrayal of Marley's rise to stardom alongside the legendary Rita Marley (played by the luminous Lashana Lynch) sent shivers down my spine. But "One Love" is more than jus

High Times Episode 1: Deep Dive into Corpus Christi's Crazy Craig's Custom Pipes

High Times Episode 1: Deep Dive into Corpus Christi's Crazy Craig's Custom Pipes Hey everyone, welcome to the premiere episode of **High Times**, our brand new video podcast where we delve into the world of all things cannabis! For our first episode, we ventured down to the heart of Corpus Christi, Texas, to chat with the legendary Craig, owner of the iconic **Crazy Craig's Custom Pipes**. Craig's been a staple in the Corpus Christi smoke scene for over **6 years**, building a reputation for quality products, friendly service, and a wealth of knowledge. In this episode, we unpacked everything from the latest **CBD** and **THC-A** products to the most **custom pipes** and **bongs** this side of the Mississippi. But with the Texas legal landscape constantly evolving, a big part of our conversation focused on **hemp** products, particularly smokable hemp flower. Craig shed light on the current legalities, offering valuable insights for Texas residents. **Sp

Don Dada: A Reggae Game Changer from South Africa

  Don Dada, also known as Menelik Nesta Gibbons, is a South African reggae and hip-hop artist making waves in the music industry. This post highlights his accomplishments and his dedication to social causes. Early Achievements and Accolades First South African artist to sign a distribution deal with Bob Marley's Tuff Gong International. First artist from South Africa to premiere a music video on Tuff Gong's YouTube channel. Performed at the prestigious "Catch a Fire" Bob Marley tribute concert in Kingston, Jamaica. Viva Mandela: An Anthem for Unity Don Dada's song "Viva Mandela" achieved multi-platinum status within a short period, a remarkable feat for an independent artist. He donates a portion of the royalties to the Nelson Mandela Foundation. Don Dada has written three Mandela tributes in total. Spreading Positivity Through Music Don Dada is passionate about education and giving back to his community. He frequently interacts