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Showing posts with label Je'Sani Smith Act. Show all posts

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Je’Sani Inspires Us All To Be Safe

The Je'Sani Smith Foundation

Rip currents can be more deadly than just a wave of water, which the legacy of Je'Sani Smith lives on to teach us. 

We want to know who exactly was Je'Sani Smith? A very enabled athlete showing his skills since he was 4 years old. Composing Music that has an everlasting effect on a person. Masterful Art pieces that only a brilliant mind can put together.  Loved by his community, he will for ever be a missing piece of this ever thriving city. He was a compassionate soul that healed people who were going through hard times. His presence was so heavy that his absence is even heavier. 
Well, if you live near a beach then his story will prove to be close to home and NEEDS to be heard. His fight with a riptide in the waters of Corpus Christi, Tx, proved deadly even for this 6"4 215 lb Basketball player. The one thing that we rely on for life introduced a dark moment into his family and friends lives forever. WE DO NOT WANT THIS TO HAPPEN TO YOU.
We prepare for fires, tornadoes, earthquakes and now unfortunately active shooters. But, we never consider that something that covers 70% of this world could prove to be so deadly. 

So, we have invited the parents of Je'Sani Smith to tell his story once again, as they have plenty times before, as they warn parents amongst all to be careful , for the water that is known to give us life, can also take it without mercy. With Jim Qiusenberry, surfer and Geologist, helping us understand that there are dangers in the water, while also giving us keys to the survive a deadly rip current.

Listen to our conversation with three of the conductors of the Je'Sani Smith Foundation above.

Find out how they teach the vital knowledge about water dangers in your beaches, lakes and rivers. Find out the actions that were taken in order to get the Je'Sani Smith Act passed to create all the safety measures you now see at the beach.
You can find more info until the interview at their website

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