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Sunday, September 26, 2021

[Live Interview] Tony Roy Reggae Artiste

Tony Roy-Love Over Due 

Multi award winning Reggae artist, Tony Roy, joined Mr. E as they talk Positive Reggae, along with performing and living the reggae culture. His upcoming music has the focus of reinforcing Positive Vibes and promoting peace and love.

Many honors have been bestowed to Tony Roy. His first single, Hungry for Your Love earned him the 2008 Best Recording at the DC Reggae Awards show. This single did extremely well in North America and the Caribbean. His first full CD, Waiting List won Best Recording and Best Producer of the year in 2010 at the DC Reggae Awards. In 2011 the Best Male Vocalist was awarded to Tony Roy by the DC Reggae Awards. Hungry for Your Love was nominated twice for Best Reggae Song by the Washington Arts and Music Awards. In 2012 he was also awarded Best Male Vocalist by DC Reggae Awards.

Just Gwaan, from the Waiting List CD, hit #1 for two weeks on the Richie B Top 25 Reggae Singles chart in Jamaica, and #1 for one week on Captain Kirk’s Miami Chart on Radio WAVS. Also, from the Waiting List CD, Yawd Mi Born and Your Love Has Changed have been garnering great response throughout the US, Jamaica and the UK.

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Tune in below to hear more from the leggend himself Tony Roy...

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Watusi and the mission from Peter Tosh



When you're given a mission to save the world by a legend such as Peter Tosh, it's something that you do not take lightly. You grab ahold and you push till you can't anymore. And Jimi Watusi hasn't stop pushing yet. Jimi has made his mark on this world as he and his multi-member band has made the world a community and proceeded to blossom. 

He Blessed us with a presence on our station to talk about community and togetherness while jamming to some great music. From the community Drum circle to perfoming with some of the greats he has definitely claimed his spot in Reggae

Below he tells us how Peter Tosh the legend, the pioneer himself, gave him a mission Watusi could not refuse... 

To hear more about the Reggae legends of Watusi, tune in here...

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Hear what Shabba Ranks had to say about a Reggae Legend

Shabba Ranks commentary on legendary reggae artist.


Shabba Ranks is a legend in the reggae industry. His music has been heard by generations of people around the world. Working with such acts as ASAP Ferg, Maxi Priest, Johnny Gill, and KRS-1, he has definitely made a name for himself throughout the music industry and reggae empire.

That's why it was a very emotional event when he brought up a legendary reggae artist name at the Reeewind 10th the year anniversary...

He had the honorary pleasure of crowning legendary reggae artist U-Roy "Godfather of Reggae," a very emotional display to say the least as everybody in the crowd shed a tear and screamed out in excitement.

Check out what both legends had to say about each other and about the state of reggae here.