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From Firehouse to Global Stage: The Enduring Legacy of King Kong

Reggae legend King Kong, also known as Dennis Thomas, emerged in the early 1980s Jamaican music scene alongside other iconic artists like Tenor Saw and Nitty Gritty. His talent was quickly recognized by the legendary producer King Tubby, who brought him on board to record several singles for the Firehouse label, including "Step On Dem Corn," "Aids," and "Babylon." As digital music began to reshape the soundscape in 1985, King Kong collaborated with Anthony Red Rose on the hit song "Two Big Bull Ina One Pen." He later joined forces with producer King Jammy, churning out successive hits like "Legal We Legal," "Trouble Again," and "Mix Up" between 1985 and 1986. King Kong's versatility was further showcased during this period through his work with other labels including Black Scorpio, Bunny Lee, and Prince Jazzbo. In the late 1980s, King Kong's career took him beyond Jamaica to the United States and Canada

Corpus Christi's 4/20: Beach Vibes, Blazing Fires, and Good Times! (Earworm beach music explodes)

Yo, Corpus Christi! It's your hype-man, Mr. E, and let me tell you, this 4/20 is LIT! Textbooks? Work? Who needs that noise? Today, we celebrate the greenest, grooviest day of the year! Look at this beach party paradise! From Mustang Island to North Beach, Corpus Christi is smokin' – in the best way possible! We got bonfires cracklin', reggae beats pumpin' through the sand, and enough good vibes to power a whole fleet of chill sea turtles! Food trucks are overflowing with munchies fit for royalty! Gourmet tacos, wings hotter than the Texas sun, and tie-dye funnel cakes so trippy they'd make a shark hallucinate! New to the scene or a seasoned pro, Corpus Christi welcomes you with open arms and maybe a friendly puff. We're all about celebrating freedom, fun, and that sweet, sweet feeling of... well, you get the picture. Get ready, because this party's about to reach new heights, higher than a seagull on a skyrocket updraft! Sta