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What Would You Do Podcast

What Would You Do Podcast
Find out how you would react in these wacked out and totally REAL scenarios

Aaron Silk on B.O.S.S. Radio

Aaron The Rod Recording Reggae artist Aaron Silk - Floyd Smith aka “Aaron Silk” was born on January 10, in a humble community called Downs in Manchester. A graduate of Holmwood Technical High School, Aaron majored in Electrical Engineering but music was always his first love. “Music is the rod and we are Moses, Music is the voice of his brother Aaron” Prophecies of  Garnet Silk. Aaron blessed us here at B.O.S.S. Radio with Positive Vybez as he sat down with Mr. E and discussed... pretty much a better world full of uplifting energy and peace of mind. We also discussed his up and coming EP in the works so, tune in below to get the details on when and where you can find this treasure of musical talent.