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Dedicated to Texas Survivors

This is for the Suvivors of Hurricane Harvey     Our Hearts and Prayers goes out to those affected by Hurricane Harvey. We all ask you to donate to JJ Watts Charity  for the survivors of Houston Floods as well all as Rockport and Corpus Christi. Lets all stand up as Humans and be one for this tragic incident.

Would you date a stripper?

To Date A Stripper  Or Not To Date A Stripper That Is The Question... Some say dating a stripper is taboo and not worth the time, except for a few dollars. While others say its every mans dream to sleep with a beautiful stripper for the rest of their lives. Come listen to how Men and women alike feel about... Dating A Stripper.

Ideal Love on The Passionate Love Hour

What Is IDEAL LOVE? Everyone has their idea of what ideal love means to them. But, everyone can agree there are no such things as perfect relationships. and relationships requires perfection thru work and faith. Come listen to Passionate love hour as we get around the city and ask people, "What is your idea of the ideal love?" You'll be surprised at their answers.

Cougars on the Frontline

Cougars In a city near you... Young men everywhere has fantasized about bedding a teacher, female boss, and even a female cop. But what are the chances of actually running into and pulling a women older. Tune in below as we discuss the different dynamics of COUGARISM