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Truesounds presents New Music And Video

  Truesounds presents  Truesounds UK's Finest Reggae Truesounds is a conscious Norwich (UK) based record label founded by Dominic Birley, Paying homage to the sound system culture originated in Jamaica during the 1950s and tracing it's diaspora throughout the world. We are a united collective of artists, producers, engineers and DJ'S from a variety of countries, nationalities and backgrounds creating music for the dancehall with diverse influences across a spectrum of genres and styles. Dropping two new releases and making waves across the pond, Truesounds stays true to their talent. This time, collaborating with like minds, they invited Prince Alla to funk with them. And, much to our benefit and pleasure, HE OBLIGED.  Crossroads 2 Ton Riddim- ft. Prince Alla Our Truesounds Cat#17 release is due on November 11th 2023, available pre release at The song Crossroads is a conscious classic sounding roots song about the struggle with the syste