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Kendrick Lamar drops "N95" Visual

 "N95" Music Video By Kendrick Lamar Article by Mr. E Da Guttababy Scene opens on the beach with a young heavily carbonated young boy is watching the waves as a crucified Kendrick floats over the waters towards the young child. Kendrick Lamar, unlike Young Thug , is actually an artist when it comes to wordplay. So, I would expect this type of imagery when imagining the type of videos he would co-produced. And, I was not disappointed.  The song pretty much calls out cancel culture by stripping everyone of things they pride themselves in: " Take off the foo-foo, take off the clout chase, take off the Wi-Fi Take off the money phone, take off the car loan, take off the flex and the white lies Take off the weird-ass jewelry, I'ma take ten steps, then I'm taking off top five Take off them fabricated streams and them microwave memes, it's a real world outside (Take that shit off) " After a whole verse of stripping people naked to their inhibitions, he ends th

[Grammy's 2019]Kendrick, Drake, and Gambino Snubs performances

Kendrick Lamar Drake Childish Gambino Will They Even Be There? Three of the biggest names in hiphop have turned down Grammy show producer Ken Ehrlich invites to perform at this years Grammy's. With their respective reps not answering any questions yet about there appearances at the grammy's, it leaves one to wonder if this is a social stand for something.  We know Drake is irritated at the fact that he won Best Rap Song in 2017 for a song that wasn't even a rap song "Hotline Bling," recognizing the fact that a more noteworthy RAP song could have taken that award, like "Ultralight Beam".  Ariana Grande also declined to perform when when producers asked her to not perform her newest single "7 Rings." She came after the producer, Stating that he was lying about her in an interview Ken had, where he stated the artist "felt it was to late to pull something together." Stating on Social Media, "I