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(LIES) Blac Chyna did not make $20 Million on OnlyFans

  Blac Chyna Worth $5 Million So She Still Eating GOOOOOD.... Lil Duval calls out the internet for "...not living in reality no more." After it was erroneously reported that Blac Chyna made an estimated $20 million from her OnlyFans account, Lil Duval commented on the way people believe anything they see on the internet.  "Y'all believe anything you see in the headlines," Comedic rapper from Jacksonville, Florida tweeted. "Don't even question it 😂😂😂😂😂 i really saw women reposting it talkin about "I can believe it" This proof that yall don't really understand how much $20 million is. The Owner of onlyfans put that out just to get yall to open an account and yall slowas fell for it. Moral of the story: numbers don't lie but they do manipulate." In March of 2022 Blac Chyna complained about her personal financial struggles since she was apparently not receiving child support from Rob. Rob then reportedly told an Instagram accoun