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New EP: The Business meets Dub Siren - Dub Down To Business

Today Dubphonic Records Gets Down To Business Dub Siren   is a dub-inspired electronic music composer, producer and remixer, a Cypriot from London now based in West Sussex. His home studio is a shed filled with synthesizers, analogue hardware and old-school mixing desks. Dive Deep: The Business Meets Dub Siren in a Sonic Wormhole Imagine a dance floor pulsating with infectious grooves – a potent blend of 80s electro, disco fire, and funky basslines. The Business, a London-Brazilian production trio, has bottled that energy in their debut album, "Get Down To Business." But the party doesn't stop there. Prepare to be abducted by "Dub Down To Business," a remix EP that warps those dancefloor anthems into a trippy, spacey odyssey. The mastermind behind this sonic wormhole is Dub Siren, a UK/Cypriot producer with a deep reverence for King Tubby, the godfather of dub. He takes The Business' infectious tracks and injects them with his signature twist: pulsating bass