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Jourdin Pauline Live on B.O.S.S. Radio

Get Live With Jourdin Pauline Get to know her thru the eyes of a Boss as this up and coming princess dazzle you with not only her body, but her mind as well. We going to chop it up about everything, from her start in music to her insoirations, to her point of view on the world as it stands. Tune in Turn Up and Zone put with

Successful African American Author Makes Her Music Debut.

Angel The Author Debuts Sexy New Music To Top Off Her Creative Career. This Atlanta Author with over 1 million reads on her book "Electric Impulse," has shown the world once again her creative spirit knows no boundaries. July 5th, her music debut took off when she dropped "He's Got Me Sayin," gaining almost 10000 plays on Soundcloud alone. You can check out her song here below on your favorite streaming service. Bu first lets get to know this Angel from above. About Angel Angel is an all - around artistic soul. Writing and singing have always been a part of who  she is. Discovering a talent for  weaving tall tales at a young age, she learned to thrive as a creative storyteller. Today, she is  the  author of Electric  Impulse, which has been acquired by Wattpad, a  social  reading community with over 70 million monthly u sers. If writing  is her passion, then singing is her First Love. She ’ s been singing since she was 5, holding informal competi