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[Live Interview] Why Glen Washington won't make violent music

Ladies and Gentlemen, Glen Washington. Glenroy Washington is not your average run of the mill artist. This well rounded Veteran to the Reggae Industry has been dominating hearts of people all over the world. dropping multiple albums including  Brother To Brother  (1996),  Studio One Get Next To Me  (1998),  VP Records /Joe Frasier Think About It  (1999),  Digital Eclipse Records Can't You See  (1999),  Charm Records Solitary Red Rose  (1999), Ruff Stuff Records Wandering Stranger  (2000), Studio One Number One Girl  (2000), VP Records Can't Keep A Good Man Down  (2001), Don One Sounds Free Up The Vibes  (2001), VP Records Your Love  (2002), VP Records Wanna Be Loved  (2004), VP Records The Right Road , (2004), Jet Star Records Heart Of The City  (2006), Don One Sounds Destiny  (2008), VP Records Glen Washington Meets Jah Ruby  (2009), Jah Ruby Records/VP Records Masterpiece  (2012), Zion High Productions Vibes  (2013), Cou$ins Records Time of My Live  (2017), Love Injection Pro

[Live Interview] Roya reggae artist tells us why Believing in yourself matters

  Roya Live on B.O.S.S. Radio Starting as a youth, singing was a fundamental right that Roya exercise with no prejudice. Built into the key cornerstones of her DNA, the natural talent she possesses has propelled her into a journey of music and influence. And, even though she was faced with challenges, she continued to believe in herself. From a youth, Roya was known to have an exceptional voice and talent that would lead her to sucess and with the help of her family particularly her older brother, she began to make waves. We love the way she talks about believing in one self. Listen below to hear how she did it and learn who the next to multitalented artist will be on the scene.  

[Live Interview] Reggae artist Ryan Dangerous and his appreciation for women.

Ryan Dangerous Live on B.O.S.S. Radio "Women are beautiful people ya know, they're nurturers, and everybody here has a mom..." Baby Run Come by Ryan Dangerous focuses on the internal beauty of the collective woman in an age where objectification is the foundation of a lot of relationships. Daring to battle that dating stigma, Dangerous set out to change the narrative and viewpoint of women in our society. "... this is a female anthem saying that I see you I acknowledge you and I know you stick by us and I appreciate you and it's nothing but love." Ryan seeks to mend this battle of the sexes by applauding all the strong women is his life. Ryan Dangerous making this his debut track says a lot about the future of this artist. Going against the grain on a debut could arguably be a career ender before it even begins. But, the Reggae scene has welcomed Baby Run Come with open arms as it has Social Media ablaze with snippets of the hook floating around all social