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Groove to the Rhythms of Crucial Riddim - Robstown's Finest

Introduction, Texas has reggae sensation that is taking the music scene by storm Crucial Riddim. This talented band brings you the best of reggae vibes with their soulful beats and captivating melodies. Join me as we delve into the world of Crucial Riddim and discover where you can find their exceptional music. About Crucial Riddim: Crucial Riddim band from Robstown, Texas. Comprising a group of highly skilled musicians, this band has successfully merged the essence of traditional reggae with their own unique style, creating a sound that is both refreshing and irresistible. With their infectious energy and passion for the genre, Crucial Riddim promises an unforgettable musical journey. Listen to Interview Here: Social Media Links: To stay updated with all things Crucial Riddim follow them on their Social Media: - Instagram: - Facebook: - TikTok:

Keem The Franchize

Black Summer Artist:  keemthefranchize Genre:  Rap, Hip Hop Location:  Detroit, MI EP:   BLACK SUMMER Stream / Purchase: keemthefranchize/sets/black- summer Artwork:  See Below Twitter:  @KeeM_FranchiZe @IStillLoveHER_ Links: keemthefranchize1 keemthefranchize/ FranchiZe About: Detroit hip-hop artist keemthefranchize presents his latest mixtape called BLACK SUMMER. This “Free EP” is described as an expression about the dark space, while embracing this extraordinary dark race. BLACK SUMMER stays true to the lyrical word-play and storytelling style that fans of keemthefranchize have come to love and expect. When asked about the inspiration behind BLACK SUMMER, Keem explains that "things came to a tipping point. I was already in a dark place from dealing with the effects of covid-19, losing my godmother, the racial injustice, remembering last summer but grateful