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Cruise ft. R2ficial

R2ficial sets the stage on fire in Cruise   Mixing 2018 new school moves with old school dances, R2ficial keeps the screen lit up as he demonstrates cultural dancing along with Mr. E Da Gutta Baby's "Cruise." His cinematic presence up against a chilling instrumental and defining phrase, R2ficial is all but artificial in his fluidity. Accompanied by eyecandy just to liven the experience, it still doesn't take away from the lavish moves this youngster commits to and we can see him in more projects in the future, So, Chris Brown as you might not enjoy the limelight in the dancing field, but it seems we may already have you successor in the making right here in R2ficial. Check him out below.

Andre 3 Stacks is Back

3000 Still ahead of his time. World renown but out going introvert, Andre 3000 has always been comfortable being hisself. Filling the spotlight of the 90's and 2000's with animated music that compared to none other. I mean, we all remember The Love Below/Speakerrboxx Album. Strange yet masterful, not only did he show his linguistic artistic skills, but he also showed his musical skills in production and in instruments. But for over a decade, it has been very quiet for the most animated of the duo known as OUTKAST. Focusing on more behind the scenes projects, it had seemed Andre' would have graduated into that level of stardom that greats such as Ice Cube, Master P, and even P. Diddy has been enjoying. Yet, like Ice Cube, Andre' 3000 still dropping gems on our ears. His two new tracks are heartfelt artistic reviews of aspects of the artists life that have shaped him into the man he is today. With his mothers passing and Mothers Day this month, he exudes a pain

This Is America

This Is America Childish Gambino One of the most popular interpretive dance videos to hit the scene in a long time, has Black America, as well as all of America, struggling to make sense of his interpretation of America. By leaving the message open to interpretation, it leaves one to imagine if he had done this on purpose, forcing people to dialogue about the hardest topics to talk about. From the first scene where Gambino seems to execute an artistic hostage to the final scene of him running from the masses alluding to the sunken place, this video seems to touch alot of topics that run thru Americas veins as its life source. Childish Gambino's ethnicity and the ethnicity of his wife has brought up the question, "Can you be Problack and still date outside your race?" So tune in as Mr. E, Connie, Discord aka Fallon, and Candy Liquor discuss his video and more here on B.O.S.S. Radio.

Caterpillar w/Royce da 5'9" ft. Eminem, King Green

Another explosive track with possibly the G.O.A.T. Eminem. Royce da 5'9" brings a beast to your ears as they call out all the rappers claiming to be No. one. Eminem call out the rap gods mumble rap by "Bringing an Ax to it." This is maybe one of the illest hip hop tracks to hit the streets.

West African Reggae scene is LIVE

Ghana's music scene is one a kind. From Sarkodie amd M.anifest of the rap scene, to R&B icons Efya and Tinny Ghana has been producing high quality music for a long time. It's amazing how slept on for so long. So join us below as we take you to Ghana...

Teachers Walk out for better pay

Are our soldiers worth more than the teachers that teach them???? We have valued security and power over education which is a catch 22 because power comes from knowledge. Hence why the great saying, "My people perish from lack of knowledge." So, it would only be a tactic of military occupation to mis-educate and hamper the education process of the people of the land. We have already covered the fact that there are blatant lies in the text books that are still being taught in our schools across the Nation .  NOW THEY ARE TRYING TO BANKRUPT THE TEACHERS!!!! Right in time of everyone starting to notice the errors in the educational system. Almost like they're saying we must keep the lives because there's not enough money to apply the truth. Join me below as Revolutionary Hour dissect waht's really happening in our education system.