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Je’Sani Inspires Us All To Be Safe

The Je'Sani Smith Foundation Rip currents can be more deadly than just a wave of water, which the legacy of Je'Sani Smith lives on to teach us.  We want to know who exactly was Je'Sani Smith? A very enabled athlete showing his skills since he was 4 years old. Composing Music that has an everlasting effect on a person. Masterful Art pieces that only a brilliant mind can put together.  Loved by his community, he will for ever be a missing piece of this ever thriving city. He was a compassionate soul that healed people who were going through hard times. His presence was so heavy that his absence is even heavier.  Well, if you live near a beach then his story will prove to be close to home and NEEDS to be heard. His fight with a riptide in the waters of Corpus Christi, Tx, proved deadly even for this 6"4 215 lb Basketball player. The one thing that we rely on for life introduced a dark moment into his family and friends lives forever. WE DO NOT WANT THIS TO HAPPEN TO YOU.

Fyah Prince From the Struggle to the Glory

  From the Struggles to the Glory Growing up in South Africa prove to be hazardous at best. We all know of the strenuous past. But, can you imagine living through it?  Fyah Prince is an all around success story. From his days in the struggle, facing all types of adversities, to becoming a National name in the country of France.  I had the honor of speaking to the Prince himself on Reggae Hour and the insight to this mans intelligence shows why he is making the waves that he is.   So, join us as we go live with Fyah Prince reggae Sensation from France on Reggae Hour.  Fyah Prince - Peace and The Unity prod by Real Legion South Africa