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What Would You Do Podcast

What Would You Do Podcast
Find out how you would react in these wacked out and totally REAL scenarios

Now On iTunes

" Laughin At You Hatas "  Is now available on iTunes so Stop by and grab this banger by Mr. E Da Guttababy ft. Ashley Mowet, And Jimmy Walker Jones AKA "JJ". Download Now It's that reality Boss Sh.....

C'est La Vie

D AYO went in on this track produced by Tariq Beats. While taking you down memory lane thru major scenes of his life he keeps your head bobbing with passion in his voice and force in his heart. Don't believe me take a listen...

"Tip Toes"

Tip Toes By Low Keezy and Jimmy Walker Jones of Southside Atlanta, has the Strippers getting money they haven't seen since Telas "Sho Nuff." With their smooth pimpish lyrics and delivery, they guide the dancer thru moves to please any gentleman, and seduces you into rewarding pole-tician.     JUST TAKE A LISTEN!!!!!!!