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Showing posts with label Tory Lanez. Show all posts
Showing posts with label Tory Lanez. Show all posts

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Kelsey Nicole Calls Out Megan

 What Happened Between Kelsy Nicole And Megan Thee Stallion

Megan thee Stallion, Dropped her debut album and the first track on the album is the most controversial. After accusing Tory Lanez of shooting he in the foot on his BDay, there has been a lot conversation surrounding the incidents of that night where Megans estranged best friend Kelsey Nicole was present but has yet to come forward to back up her friends claim. In SHOTS FIRED, Megan accuses Kelsey of  accepting hush money and gives her a large piece of that diss track.

Needless to say that this did not sit well for the ex BFF who obviously do not want her friend to look bad but also probably do not want to lie as well. Tory Lanez maintains his innocence and in the court of Public opinion a large group of people are siding with Tory who seems to be with holding info to protect someone. Maybe Megan. 

But the diss track on the debut album of one of the hottest artist of 2020, was enough to bring Kelsey out of her silence and into the booth as she drops a 2 min diss that was actually a good diss track.

Then coming out on a IG Live she, in my opinion, exposes the hypocrisy of her friend for 12 years. Listen below.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Tory Lanez CoSigns Joyner Lucas

 Tory Lanes on the Litty Again Freestyle

Image result for tory lanez imagesImage result for joyner lucas images

Tory Lanez Comes beast mode on the Litty Beat once again gunning after Joyner Lucas to "come down to spank you niggas," and "that's older brother status" after spitting a 4 minute M-16 style freestyle. At the end, he lets Joyner know if he blows after this it was because Lanez cosigned him.
This is getting very interesting after Lucas called Tory Lanez a Goat but his self a Dinosaur alluding to the original Jurassic Park. 
One thing can be said, this is getting Meek Mills a lot of attention for his upcoming album . A great marketing ploy (hint hint...)

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