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LFDR Presents J. Flaim Live

J. Flaim (J. Florida Aim) April 28th is a day to be remembered. Live Fast Die Rich was honored to interview a great staple in the St. Pete/Central Florida area. Born and raised in St. Petersburg (or tha Burg), J. Flaim came to talk to us about his music career, Life, and more. Accompanied by two companions from his label Heavy Swisher Gang, the air was filled not only by herbal essence but a real hood feeling, placing everyone at home.     So come listen as we chop it up with Flaim:

LFDR Presents Angel Mecole

Angel Mecole Beautiful, talented, and focused are just a few words to described the sensational Angel Mecole, whose mother dubbed her the "Drama Queen." Voice of an Angel, this artistic singer blessed us with her presence on the LFDR Worldwide Show. Dressed to impressed and adorned to be adored, her humble presence commanded our attention as we talked music, life, love, and history.  Listen below for our conversation, and be enthralled by the intelligence of this young artist.

Highly Underrated Super Producer

Most Underrated Producer When people speak music, and the subject of hot producers comes up, most people turn their thoughts to the legendary Dr. Dre. Or Pharrell and the Neptunes, Timbaland, Kanye West, and even Eminem (see Tupac's Loyal to the game CD.) These producers are credited with establishing and advancing the game beyond anything that has been done before and controls the game even unto this day. They have produced Hit after hit and have been responsible for some of the most successful artists in the game, such as 50 Cent, The Game, Pusha T, Missy Elliot, Aaliyah, and many many more.  But one name that has rocked not only the underground scene, but also the Mainstream audience, has been revered for his leadership and his lyrical prowess. Not only has fans overlooked his vocals as his blows down on Swishas and Dosha: but they have never given him his props on beats such as the beat of One Day: and UGK's Hit Like a Pimp with Three-6 Mafia: even as fa