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(LIES) Blac Chyna did not make $20 Million on OnlyFans

  Blac Chyna Worth $5 Million So She Still Eating GOOOOOD.... Lil Duval calls out the internet for "...not living in reality no more." After it was erroneously reported that Blac Chyna made an estimated $20 million from her OnlyFans account, Lil Duval commented on the way people believe anything they see on the internet.  "Y'all believe anything you see in the headlines," Comedic rapper from Jacksonville, Florida tweeted. "Don't even question it 😂😂😂😂😂 i really saw women reposting it talkin about "I can believe it" This proof that yall don't really understand how much $20 million is. The Owner of onlyfans put that out just to get yall to open an account and yall slowas fell for it. Moral of the story: numbers don't lie but they do manipulate." In March of 2022 Blac Chyna complained about her personal financial struggles since she was apparently not receiving child support from Rob. Rob then reportedly told an Instagram accoun

[Live Interview] Roya reggae artist tells us why Believing in yourself matters

  Roya Live on B.O.S.S. Radio Starting as a youth, singing was a fundamental right that Roya exercise with no prejudice. Built into the key cornerstones of her DNA, the natural talent she possesses has propelled her into a journey of music and influence. And, even though she was faced with challenges, she continued to believe in herself. From a youth, Roya was known to have an exceptional voice and talent that would lead her to sucess and with the help of her family particularly her older brother, she began to make waves. We love the way she talks about believing in one self. Listen below to hear how she did it and learn who the next to multitalented artist will be on the scene.  

[New Artist] Sean-Toure'

That Blackness Artist:  Sean-Toure’ Genre:  Hip Hop, Rap Location:  Baltimore, MD Single:  " That Blackness " Stream / Download: hyperfollow/seantoure/that- blackness v=RT1TZ7-Kvks Artwork:  See Below Twitter:  @SeanToure @IStillLoveHER_ Links: SeanToure seantoure seantoure About: The prolific Baltimore Producer/Emcee Sean-Toure’ Thames has officially released his 2ndsingle called “That Blackness” from his forthcoming Melanin Magic, Melody, and the Maker album (coming summer 2021). Energetically taking on the self-produced beat mixed and mastered by DJ CamOne, Sean praises the melanin his skin bears while giving similarly pigmented listeners the confidence to do the same. In the process, Sean addresses white supremacy with bold lines like, “I’m not your n$gga, or your coon, or your Negro. I swear to God I’m not something that you’re used to!"

[New Artist] Leave Nelson With the B.O.S.S.

Leave Nelson Artist:  Leave Nelson B ft A-F-R-O Genre:  Hip Hop, Rap Location:  Cleveland, OH Single:   "Indulgence" Stream / Purchase: album/1AlK69vwoXjCBltWL1qTuO? highlight=spotify:track: 1uRLTWjKJzkIzXGNAxMM2x album/indulgence-feat-a-f-r-o- single/1547838319 browse/MPREb_LduxJGgKSLw Video: Artwork:  See Below Twitter:  @leavenelsonb @IStillLoveHER_ Links: https://leavenelsonb.fanlink. to/LNB/ leavenelsonb leavenelsonb About: Cleveland's own Leave Nelson B presents his latest single "Indulgence". The song features A-F-R-O, who has been a bearer of hope for many Hip Hop heads across the globe since he was first discovered by R.A. the Rugged Man. The collaboration between producer Leave Nelson B and A-F-R-O was born out of the pandemic and carries a message Leave Nelson B despera

[New Artist] Bosses introduces you to losLAUREN 718

 Los LAUREN 718 Artist:  losLAUREN 718 Genre:  Hip Hop, Rap Location:  Bronx, NY Album:   "Blue Roses" Stream / Download: loslauren-718/blue-roses Video:  " There For You ": Artwork:  See Below Twitter:  @losLAUREN718 @IStillLoveHER_ Links: loslauren718 losLAUREN718 losLAUREN718 loslauren718 About: "There for You" is the lead single off of losLAUREN 718's newly released project "BLUE ROSES." The song pays homage to the Method Man and Mary J. Blige record, "All I Need," by weaving imagery of a youthful urban love affair over the soulful production of Serious Beats. losLAUREN's new album "BLUE ROSES" is now available on all streaming platforms. Check out the video and the new album below. loslauren-718/blue-roses https://

Young MA Responds to her getting shot.

 Young MA was shot? "Y'all know I be chilling..." out of Young MA's own mouth as she went on Instagram Live to address the rumors that she was shot. Sounding astonished at the statement that she had been involved in a shooting in ATL, the New York Rapper was not adamant about capitalizing off of this open Publicity opportunity. In the Live she mentions a song that she was about to drop but now thinks it would be in bad taste. So this rumor may have cheated us out of some long awaited new music.

JJ Finesser

Perfect Match Artist:  JJ Finesser Genre:  Hip Hop, Rap Location:  CA Video:  " Perfect Match ": Stream here: match Artwork:  See Below Twitter:  @jjfinesser @IStillLoveHER_ Links: jjfinesser jjfinesser/ artist/1XdRuLR13YYkxUaL96XzvK jjfinesser channel/UCHwD0elJdE4taT_ 6cfVFMhQ/videos artist/jj-finesser/1446825368 Written as a love song to Hip Hop 'Perfect Match' is the latest release to come from hip-hop emcee JJ Finesser. "Her steadying presence consistently inspires me to be the best version of myself everyday." explains JJ Finesser. 'Perfect Match' is the latest single in the exciting build up to JJ Finesser's upcoming album which is expected for early January 2021. The personi

2020 Murdered Rappers

 Rappers Murdered in 2020 We Lost Alot This Year: The Hip Hop Community has always suffered tragedies. Me, Personally, the two hardest losses I've had to endear is the lost of Tupac and Nipsey Hussle, ironically two West Coast legends. The worst detail about all these deaths is that they happened by the hands of other black men. (Let me get on my soapbox real quick and say We need to stop this CRIME IN OUR COMMUNITIES, I don't believe in Black on Black Crime.)  But, in 2020 it seemed as, even though we all had it rough, rappers were literally targets especially in Dallas Tx. With shootings on almost every street, even Boosie got caught in the leg. Thankfully he survived.  But what about those that didn't well lets honor them by remembering their music: Bashar Barakah Jackson  (July 20, 1999 – February 19, 2020), known professionally as  Pop Smoke , was an American rapper, singer and songwriter. He was considered by many to be the face of  Brooklyn drill . Born and raised in