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Putin and Africa-Whats the real Story

Putin has always been an African Ally It is said that when President Vladimir Putin of Russia saw the video concerning the murder of Muammar Gadaffi, he watched it over and over in disgust. He knew the type of man and leader Gadaffi was and held him to the highest esteem. So, it would only be right to think that the president was bothered by the inhumane treatment that a beloved leader in his country was given. It is not unknown of the plans that Gadaffi had to had to strengthen the African Union (AU) economy. His plan was simple. Use the land, Gold and other resources the continent grew, to back an African Currency that would have bankrupted every FIAT currency there was. Needless to say, there were some (WESTERN) powers that did not like that. So, the United States, The crown of England, and the Vatican, used a nigga with a Muslim name to take out a great leader for freedom. Ever since the Deposing of the Libyan Head of State, Putin has been on a path of diplomacy with African Nation

African American Voter Suppression in 2018

Since 1870, African americans were exposed to all kinds of heinous schemes in order to keep them from making it to the Voting Polls. Some were harassed some were murdered. Some were courageous and some were discouraged, but it never failed. Any black person that thought of taking their destiny in their own hands, were met with extreme resistance. Notice I said Since 1870. It's 2018 and nothing has changed. Almost 150 years after Blacks were GRANTED the PRIVILEDGE to vote and we are still being harassed. October 16th 2018, Voting Enthusiast group Black Voters Matter was conducting a transportation service for African American Senior Citizens who wanted to vote in the 2016 Georgia Governor Election, when they were approached by an official of the Senior Citizen Center and asked for the Seniors to vacate the bus. Now, keep in mind this is a center and not a home. The Seniors are there on their own volition and have not been admitted. So by asking them to leave the bus and stay

Zambia puts it down for the music scene

B.O.S.S. Radio Hosts Zambia ... all week starting June 18, 2018 with Passion Hour, PASSION OF ZAMBIA where we will be playing Zambian R&B to help you end your weekend off right. The following day we will introduce you to Massive, Lil Ma Vis, Pricetag and more great Zambian artists that have helped build the music ecology of their nation. One thing about their music I love is the fact they do not charge for their music. It's given free of charge because they understand the power of sponsorships. By not putting monetary value on two art, they keep it in their heart. Providing true inspiration devoid of shallow essence of conformity delivered in the form of lies. Everyone has their own niche and personality that seperates them from others, but still upholds the culture that is Zambia. John us as we celebrate Zambia and their a reggae scene in this week's Reggae Hour, broadcasting this world music with a spliff in ya mouth and a rump in ya hand. Turning the clu