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Ready for Season 2 of WHAT WOULD YOU DO Podcast
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Putin and Africa-Whats the real Story

Putin has always been an African Ally

It is said that when President Vladimir Putin of Russia saw the video concerning the murder of Muammar Gadaffi, he watched it over and over in disgust. He knew the type of man and leader Gadaffi was and held him to the highest esteem. So, it would only be right to think that the president was bothered by the inhumane treatment that a beloved leader in his country was given.

It is not unknown of the plans that Gadaffi had to had to strengthen the African Union (AU) economy. His plan was simple. Use the land, Gold and other resources the continent grew, to back an African Currency that would have bankrupted every FIAT currency there was. Needless to say, there were some (WESTERN) powers that did not like that. So, the United States, The crown of England, and the Vatican, used a nigga with a Muslim name to take out a great leader for freedom.

Ever since the Deposing of the Libyan Head of State, Putin has been on a path of diplomacy with African Nations. Even though western journalism makes him out to be a dictator who just wants to conquer, he has never once tried to colonize any land in Africa. On the contrary, with the ongoing war in Ukraine disrupting global distribution of grain, the Russian President has promised more grain to the massive melanated continent, at low prices... even FREE.

He has promised to discharge a lot of debt from the African nations which alone would strengthen their currency. “Russia’s attention to Africa is steadily growing,” Putin said on Friday at the end of the(Russia Africa) two-day summit. 

On Thursday, the Russian leader promised free grain to six African nations and assured them that Moscow was trying to avert a global food crisis nearly a week after withdrawing from an agreement that allowed Ukraine, one of the world’s largest grain producers, to export its farm products across the Black Sea. He declared at the summit’s opening Thursday that Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe, Mali, Somalia, Eritrea and Central African Republic each will receive 25,000 to 50,000 tons of Russian grain in the next three to four months.

“Russia and Africa are united by an innate desire to defend true sovereignty and the right to their own distinctive path of development in the political, economic, social, cultural and other spheres,” he said.

He said Russia plans to expand trade and economic ties with Africa and continue efforts to relieve their debt burden by writing off another $90 million of their debts.

Putin noted that Moscow also stands ready to bolster defense ties with African countries by helping train their military and expanding supplies of military equipment, some of them on a no-cost basis.

The Russian leader also mentioned the “joint determination to counter neocolonialism, the practice of applying illegitimate sanctions and attempts to undermine traditional moral values”. Representatives of 49 countries, including 17 heads of state, attended the summit in the Russian city.

Participants signed a joint declaration that called for “the establishment of a more just, balanced and stable multipolar world order, firmly opposing all types of international confrontation in the African continent”.

  The Propaganda has been really rampant since the invasion of Ukraine. Just look at the coverage of the Russia-Africa Summit. (Show AP snippet then Al Jazeera)

Associated Press only reports the amount of Heads of State
(AP misrepresents Russia-Africa Summit numbers)
Al Jazeera, a non western est., Reports to the correct number of representatives to Russia-Africa Summit
(Here we see the correct number of Attendees)

This goes to show old dogs and their tricks never change as the West continues to assert itself in matters not concerning them. The world is looking at victims and calling them murderers while the real murderers not only get away, but are also held as heroes stopping a surge of inhuman events, when in actuality they are DEMONS spreading their DEMON-CRACY.

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