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WATUSI IS BACK ON B.O.S.S. Radio and its BIGGER than Texas

Watusi Worldwide Traveling all over the world, Watusi has brought a lot of peace, love and happiness to many of nations. How many of you can say that? Their music consisting of live instruments, live vocals, and... well just live. We was introduced to this phenomenon on our first interview, but, as all greatness, we could not grasp the totality of this great band. So we will have Jimi Towry back on Reggae Hour to help us encompass.  Check out the last interview here as we gear up to help you stay in tuned to their tour in ASIA...  Hi! We are WATUSI. WATUSI is the premier "REGGAE/WORLDBEAT" band from Texas, an original legend of the genre. For over 30 years they have won respect worldwide, with international tours and radio airplay in 130 countries, winning numerous Reggae and World Music Awards. Watusi has released 7 albums and is an eclectic tribe of 10 world muscians, joining positive vibes and music in a true Rasta spirit, with a "One World, One God, One Love"

Watusi and the mission from Peter Tosh

Watusi   When you're given a mission to save the world by a legend such as Peter Tosh, it's something that you do not take lightly. You grab ahold and you push till you can't anymore. And Jimi Watusi hasn't stop pushing yet. Jimi has made his mark on this world as he and his multi-member band has made the world a community and proceeded to blossom.  He Blessed us with a presence on our station to talk about community and togetherness while jamming to some great music. From the community Drum circle to perfoming with some of the greats he has definitely claimed his spot in Reggae Below he tells us how Peter Tosh the legend, the pioneer himself, gave him a mission Watusi could not refuse...  To hear more about the Reggae legends of Watusi, tune in here...