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Veraceouz live on B.O.S.S. Radio

Veraceouz Corey “Veraceouz” Houser is a 33 years old father, poet, singer, song writer, pianist, and a producer from Santee, SC. Ever since he was 13 years old Veraceouz has been expressing his feelings through his art of poetry and music and it has been his passion ever since. Veraceouz art comes from deep within the soul of his heart of how he feels on life, relationships, love, and God. Veraceouz mission   is to reach our people with the message of God with love and hope through the art of music and poetry.

\V/ Label's CEO Eduardo Vara

Tune in live as we have Eduardo Vara here on B.O.S.S. Radio. We will be discussing building the future dynasty the \V/ Label from scratch. Also showing some support for his partner and artist that's currently on lock, so check in to get the update on Timothy Allen. You know its going down on Tuesday September 27th @ 7 pm here on B.O.S.S. Radio

Multi-talented Businesswoman

Interview of a Businesswoman... It's 2016, and if you haven't dealt with a businesswoman, then you haven't been doing business. Starting from the ground up, Connie Lofton has built what seems to be an empire in the making, overcoming adversities to topple the greatest in the field. Tune in Tuesday September 20th, 2016, here on B.O.S.S. Radio for her live interview. LISTEN HERE

It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you...

...the Saga Continues With all the recent changes in policies all over the board, we here at Southside Bosses, DBA had to take a step back and reevaluate the status of the industry. Seeing as though the major corporations are now infiltrating the underground scene in order to kill the spirit and artform, We have modeled ourselves to infiltrate the mainstream and hopefully  modernize it for the Artists. We, and I mean every last one of you and us, from the producer to the Artists, to the graphic designer straight to the fan, have been fighting this fight from the battlefield to keep independent artists in their proper person and absorb every prize for their beautiful work of art. With ASCAP and  BMI behind us making sure we are paid for the usage of our music, the wealth to the artists has greatly multiplied. Recognition fully achieved and received, opportunities have been opening up for the artists that support their own agendas. So by extensively broadening our scope of enter