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High Times Episode 1: Deep Dive into Corpus Christi's Crazy Craig's Custom Pipes

High Times Episode 1: Deep Dive into Corpus Christi's Crazy Craig's Custom Pipes Hey everyone, welcome to the premiere episode of **High Times**, our brand new video podcast where we delve into the world of all things cannabis! For our first episode, we ventured down to the heart of Corpus Christi, Texas, to chat with the legendary Craig, owner of the iconic **Crazy Craig's Custom Pipes**. Craig's been a staple in the Corpus Christi smoke scene for over **6 years**, building a reputation for quality products, friendly service, and a wealth of knowledge. In this episode, we unpacked everything from the latest **CBD** and **THC-A** products to the most **custom pipes** and **bongs** this side of the Mississippi. But with the Texas legal landscape constantly evolving, a big part of our conversation focused on **hemp** products, particularly smokable hemp flower. Craig shed light on the current legalities, offering valuable insights for Texas residents. **Sp

Corpus Christi's 4/20: Beach Vibes, Blazing Fires, and Good Times! (Earworm beach music explodes)

Yo, Corpus Christi! It's your hype-man, Mr. E, and let me tell you, this 4/20 is LIT! Textbooks? Work? Who needs that noise? Today, we celebrate the greenest, grooviest day of the year! Look at this beach party paradise! From Mustang Island to North Beach, Corpus Christi is smokin' – in the best way possible! We got bonfires cracklin', reggae beats pumpin' through the sand, and enough good vibes to power a whole fleet of chill sea turtles! Food trucks are overflowing with munchies fit for royalty! Gourmet tacos, wings hotter than the Texas sun, and tie-dye funnel cakes so trippy they'd make a shark hallucinate! New to the scene or a seasoned pro, Corpus Christi welcomes you with open arms and maybe a friendly puff. We're all about celebrating freedom, fun, and that sweet, sweet feeling of... well, you get the picture. Get ready, because this party's about to reach new heights, higher than a seagull on a skyrocket updraft! Sta

Triple Homicide in Flour Bluff may be more than it seems

Does this Triple Homicide have a Deeper Story What does Gold, Murder, the Govt., and Iraq have in common lately besides a document outlining 18 years of lies and war? Apparently, maybe a small south Texas city on the outskirts of the growing metropolis Corpus Christi. Known for its Meth problem and Bluff Rats, Flour Bluff, Texas may be involved in a real live 2 Guns .  Tune in to B.O.S.S. Radio to hear. Listen to "Boss Talk 1 - Bosses Radio" on Spreaker.

[TOP TEN] Corpus Christi Finest

Corpus Christi's ReverbNation Top Ten Sparkling City by the Sea. A beautiful city in South Texas on the beach overlooking the gulf. Full of great venues and a local music scene that has blossomed these last 2 decades. Especially the HipHop scene.  Thats why B.O.S.S. Radio will be covering the hottest rappers according to the ReverbNation's charts. So, expect to hear music from Drank Nitti, Kountry Kinfolk, Mysta Freez, and more from the top ten. Checkout the talent bursting from the CCT, AKA Corpus Christi.