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English is the downfall of "Black" People

 This following writing was put together by Yaffa Bey September 2003 > The Spell That Cursed My People  The Spell That Cursed My People Yaffa Bey December 25, 2013 5       Modified Wednesday, May 7, 2008     There is a problem that is spreading all over the world.  The problem is what you read, write, and speak .  In other words, our problem is English .  English is the result of word expansion, contraction, and modifications from every other dialect and language in the world.  I call it a bunch of crap that was thrown against the wall and whatever stuck came to be known as English.  Inspect and recognize what I’m about to show.   When you call someone “nice,” is that a good thing?  If a boy is called “bad” does that make him tough?  Is “fun” equal to a wonderful time?  Does being “fond” of a person mean that you like them?  If one is “sad” does that mean they are depressed?  To each of these I say ABSOLUTELY NOT!  I was never taught in any school that, if I wanted to know the