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Plantations 4 Reparations

P4R Plantations 4 Reparations Its been almost a year since the Fed. Govt. stopped protecting the renters of America, and people are not fairing well. This is why Colored Only Cafe and Plantations for Reparations Founder and CEO Courtney Omega has a solution that is controversial, but just might solve the problem. Think of it, a 5 family house (yea you heard me. Family, not rooms.) Each family with their own wing to raise their own how they see fit. Agricultural prospects and ideas that would feed the world. Rent free,  Debt Free, Tax free housing. This former elected Official of South Florida breaks you into the world of Plantations. I know what you thinking. That's the place our ancestors were enslaved, tortured, maimed, and murdered at. But, you don't think for at least one second of their lives the roles were reversed. That, for one moment the lived in the big house and the Slave Owners lived in the OutHouse. Well this is an opportunity that Mrs. Omega is well versed with. S