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Fyah Prince: The Man, The Legend, The STORY

Fyah Prince FYAH PRINCE AND MR. E DOES IT ONCE AGAIN Tuesday, December 19th at 7 pm CT, you will be privy to the conversation the great Reggae artist Fyah Prince and Mr. E had that was just on another level.  And I know, you hear that alot, "aNoTHeR LEvEl". Well, if you're not one of the 15% then you won't get the ensure of comprehending the intelligence and wisdom being given in this interview.  For those of you who are not yet familiar with the Prince, welcome to Reggae and let's tune in, turn up, and zone out.  CLICK PLAY BELOW Fyah Prince is a dancehall singer from Venda, Limpopo in South Africa. He started his career as a dancer and later became a hip hop artist/producer. In 2009, he stopped producing and began writing dancehall music. In 2012, Fyah Prince released his debut album called ‘Fire Chant’ produced by Ras Chepah for the Wayout Zimbabwe 1 . Since then, he has released several albums, EPs, and singles worldwide in all platforms 2 3 . SAVE $2 NOW Fyah

JAH Grasshopper represents TrueSounds on Reggae Hour

JAH Grasshopper Live Interview on Without a doubt, representing Norwich and keeping the vibes going across the pond, we were blessed to interview Dom AKA JAH Grasshopper of TRUESOUNDS on #ReggaeHour #Podcast Hear their new releases here: Truesounds Cat#17 release - Crossroads Is a 2 track ep of our song - Crossraods featuring Prince Alla, on our Truesounds - 2 Ton Riddim, produced by Jah Grasshopper (Domonic Birley), This release includes both the song with Prince Alla, as well as the Truesounds - 2 Ton Riddim. Track List : (1) Truesounds, Prince Alla - Crossroads (2 Ton Riddim) (2) Truesounds - 2 Ton Riddim Truesounds is a conscious Norwich (UK) based record label founded by Dominic Birley, Paying homage to the sound system culture originated in Jamaica during the 1950s and tracing it's diaspora throughout the world. We are a united collective of artists, producers, engineers and DJ'S f