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JAH Grasshopper represents TrueSounds on Reggae Hour

JAH Grasshopper

Live Interview


Without a doubt, representing Norwich and keeping the vibes going across the pond, we were blessed to interview Dom AKA JAH Grasshopper of TRUESOUNDS on #ReggaeHour #Podcast Hear their new releases here: https://truesounds.bandcamp.com/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl3o... Truesounds Cat#17 release - Crossroads Is a 2 track ep of our song - Crossraods featuring Prince Alla, on our Truesounds - 2 Ton Riddim, produced by Jah Grasshopper (Domonic Birley), This release includes both the song with Prince Alla, as well as the Truesounds - 2 Ton Riddim. Track List : (1) Truesounds, Prince Alla - Crossroads (2 Ton Riddim) (2) Truesounds - 2 Ton Riddim Truesounds is a conscious Norwich (UK) based record label founded by Dominic Birley, Paying homage to the sound system culture originated in Jamaica during the 1950s and tracing it's diaspora throughout the world. We are a united collective of artists, producers, engineers and DJ'S from a variety of countries, nationalities and backgrounds creating music for the dancehall with diverse influences across a spectrum of genres and styles. Prince Alla (Keith Lorenzo Blake) is a Jamaican roots and reggae singer. His career began in the 1960s with a group called The Leaders, Prince Alla is a Rastafarian who has recorded for producers like Joe Gibbs and Tapper Zukie and he has toured the world with live performances. The song Crossroads is a conscious classic sounding roots song about the struggle with the system and trying to be true to yourself. Prince Alla's vocals fit our Truesounds - 2 Ton Riddim Perfectly. Our Truesounds Cat#17 release is due on November 11th 2023, available pre release at https://truesounds.bandcamp.com/ Our press release includes the 2 tracks related to this release, Our cover image for this release, Info and a short visualiser video created by Nizzar Brikka a music video director and producer from Barcelona. The tracks provided with this press release are all [mp3] format ... WAV files are available on request. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100054830416417

Visualiser for upcoming release.. 


Truesounds ft King Lorenzo - 

Wake The Town (Love Conquers Riddim) produced by Vinney Satta 

Due for release on 20th November 2023 

Truesounds is honoured to work with both King Lorenzo & Vinney Satta and we are very proud to be part of this release .. 

Such an awesome song n positive vibes! 

Available soon on pre release at 

Visualiser created for Truesounds by the multi talented Rebekah Walker @itesvibration who is a singer, selector & video creator from Brighton (UK) ... 

We are so proud of all the help we've had from a variety of different souls and we are proud of these projects together we can release to the world Reggae community! 


(C) 2023 Truesounds Un Ltd

And if you missing out on that CROSSROADS then stop missing right now...

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