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Ready for Season 2 of WHAT WOULD YOU DO Podcast

Ready for Season 2 of WHAT WOULD YOU DO Podcast
Tell Me What Would You Have Done If You Were In My Shoes?

Welcome to B.O.S.S. Radio

The Chop Up

Come check out Thirtyniks and the chop up movement @ Come and follow your favorite DADE COUNTY 305 Artists. I know you all feeling that.

Producing legends mobile app

Check out "Producing Legends" android app to hear all the unreleased music before the world. Join the website and keep up with the news of all our artists tweets, facebook, and every other social media. Come visit store and leave with the t-shirt, hat, and/or a CD. This is the best music mobile app since the first music mobile app. This mobile app was created by Mr. E

We are all over the web

Come check it out all over the web SBC movement gettin down. Join your favorite labels website and hear all of the exclusive news from your favorite Southside bosses. Producing Legends The Chop Up Majusde