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Flava of Reggae

Mr. Flava  on SBC TV and B.O.S.S. Radio Mr. Flava of Jamaica was nice enough to join Mr. E on a video call, as they chop it up about Music, Jamaica, Barbering and more. We get to know him theru the rhythm and the Riddim of the countryside of Jamaica. We speak on growing up during the golden age of Reggae, listening to some of the legends of Reggae. He gives the younger, newer artists some great advice that I expect all young artists to here... So check it out below.

K1ngs Judgement on SBC TV

SBC Tv has bestowed the authority to K1ng of Corpus Christi, Tx to judge all haters and procrastinators. With his excellent sense of judgement and standup character, he, along with Decisive da Hica, exacts truthfulness from every blundering fiasco the world throws at us. and given the cuyrrent state of thre world, I'd be the first to say, WE NEED SOMEONE TO TELL IT HOW IT IS... K1ng is that ONE KING Tune in with us as we debut with the Colin Kaepernick/Nike/TRUMP... Need I Say Anymore.