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Putin and Africa-Whats the real Story

Putin has always been an African Ally It is said that when President Vladimir Putin of Russia saw the video concerning the murder of Muammar Gadaffi, he watched it over and over in disgust. He knew the type of man and leader Gadaffi was and held him to the highest esteem. So, it would only be right to think that the president was bothered by the inhumane treatment that a beloved leader in his country was given. It is not unknown of the plans that Gadaffi had to had to strengthen the African Union (AU) economy. His plan was simple. Use the land, Gold and other resources the continent grew, to back an African Currency that would have bankrupted every FIAT currency there was. Needless to say, there were some (WESTERN) powers that did not like that. So, the United States, The crown of England, and the Vatican, used a nigga with a Muslim name to take out a great leader for freedom. Ever since the Deposing of the Libyan Head of State, Putin has been on a path of diplomacy with African Nation