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Worst Jail in Louisiana

Tangipahoa Parrish Animal Shelter  w/ Justin Barker Welcome to the coldest, dampest, most crooked jail in Louisiana: Tangipahoa Parrish Jail. With the Sheriffs dept., Police force, and the DA's office raided by the FBI, this is the modern example of crookedness in high levels of govt.  Busted for confiscating drugs from criminals, stealing from evidence lockers and selling back onto the streets, the very ones they swore to protect, we witnessed money corrupted "officials" take full advantage of the authority placed in their hands by law abiding citizens. But whats worse is its treatment of said citizens. Right now the Warden and The Sheriff are currently being sued due to indifference in an inmates death, caused by bludgeoning of 12 fellow inmates.  Being incarcerated myself at this same jail, I can vouch for the cruelty that people who have not yet been convicted, and should still maintain their innocence until proven guilty, have suffered by the hands of not o

Should We Arm Our Teachers?

Should We Arm Our Teachers? Parksdale shooting was a travesty. 17 young men and women lost their lives on a very preventable event. When young White terrorists can enter our schools and leave the future of our world riddled with bullets from an AR-15, we have lost humanity. The only way to get it back is to meet it head on and put a stop to it. But How? Many have called for gun bans, and going to a PR war with the NRA costing the organization a lot of money to combat legislation in congress. Raise the age limit to buy AR-15's, but wouldn't an 18 year old psycho become a 21 year old psycho. Not to mention most high school shooters are under the age of 18. And my personal favorite till this day proper counseling for victims of abuse and bullying. But the Trumpster is claiming ownership of another brilliant Freaking idea (pardon my sarcasm.) He wants to arm lour teachers, the people we ask to make our children great.  So below, we speak with Starr of F.S.C., J