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Ganga Lee

Exciting interview this past Thursday, as we joined Ganga Lee (pronounced Gong-a Lee) in a telephone interview to be remembered. Livid and ready for the world, she told us about her music, life growing in New York, travels, and more. Now located down into Tampa Florida, she has enamored this southern state with her talents, more so her lyrical versatility.  Recently dropping a new mixtape entitled They Swear It's One Better, she has created a buzz on the streets to be rivaled. With tracks like Flashy,  this mix cd give rising expectations to her debut album that features her hit single Deposits.  After you hear the interview, take a listen to her mixcd They Swear It's One Better,  below:

Garciah Vee. Road to Arrival.

Garciah Vee  Swagged out stepping into the Live Fast Die Rich studio at 1409 N. Betty Ln, Garciah Vee, accompanied by Lo2600, filled the building with his live presence.   Adorned in precious metals, hair braided back, ready to shoot a video on sight, he embodied the essence of a true  entertainer. We talked about his career and upcoming plans, and he seemed to come alive describing his current and future plans. Listen below to the whole interview of Garciah Vee...