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Showing posts with label Lil Pump. Show all posts

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Lil Pump Locked Up, Too?

Lil Pump Arrested at Airport over Weed Smell

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Lil Pump was arrested in Miami, 12-14-2018, after the pilot was tipped off to luggage belonging to Lil Pumps Party, may contain marijuana because of the intense smell it emitted. Not wanting to be caught up on trafficking charges, the pilot confronted Lil Pump in what Lil Pump says was "being accusatory", and was not ready to easily back down, even when TSA got involved. 
After exchanging un-pleasantries, Lil Pump and his manager were hauled off to jail. It turns out that the suspicious smelling bag, was in fact one of his crew members. And to put the icing on the cake, THERE WERE NO DRUGS TO BE FOUND...
So, not only is the rapper and the manager going to sit a night in jail over a humbug, but because of a mishandling of a situation, Lil Pump misses his flight to Cali and any business he was scheduled to conduct out there. 
Theres two things to take away from this. One: The Pilot though being right in his concern, approached the young rapper wrong because of how he saw him, as a young rapper. One not needing respect. So, by falsely accusing Lil Pump of Trafficking, he invited much unnecessary turmoil to a uoung aspiring rapper.
Two: If Lil Pump was aware (Or even if he wasn't) that there was no marijuana in the bag he should have let the people do their job so they could have apologize publicly to him and he could have held them responsible. Not everything requires feedback of the controversial level. UNLESS THIS IS MARKETING. In which case, all rules are out. This reminds me of the Kodak Black walk out on Hot 97, when he was faced with a very real question about his Sexual abuse case. Don't make yourself look anymore guilty than you already are, especially if you are black.
But nonetheless, this isn't a 69 career ending fight he's facing and I believe he will be in Cali by Wednesday.
The update from TMZ:
12/14 8:50 AM PT -- According to court records, Pump and his manager entered a not guilty plea through their attorney.

12/14 6:50 AM PT 
-- Law enforcement sources now confirm Pump's story. The baggage handlers who were putting luggage in the baggage compartment smelled a strong odor of weed coming from a bag labeled Garcia -- Pump's government name. The captain then went to Pump and the rapper felt the pilot was being accusatory. The pilot eventually kicked Pump and his manager off the plane for being disruptive and it continued to get contentious in the terminal when cops were talking to them, so both were arrested for disorderly conduct. The bag, which was owned by a member of Pump's crew, was opened and NO DRUGS were inside. 
6:15 PM PT -- A source connected with Pump tells TMZ, no drugs were found. The source says TSA flagged a bag that smelled like weed and was "mistagged."  Agents questioned Pump, who insisted he was not carrying drugs. The source adds no drugs were found in the bag, which another person in Pump's crew said was his. Pump was arrested along with his manager because they allegedly became disorderly during the argument with TSA agents.

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