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[Live Interview] Mr. Flava of Jamaica

  Jamaica's One and Only Mr. Flava Live Interview on B.O.S.S. Radio Once again Mr. Flava comes with the knowledge to keep the music going. We had a grand conversation with the veteran Reggae artist. Discussing the science of Reggae, Life and Future plans to start touring and dropping new music.  Mr. Flava on the beat being the heart of Reggae   Listen for yourself in our full length interview below. 

[Live Interview] Jah Kooks Live on B.O.S.S. Radio

Jah Kooks Live Jah Kooks is a Jamaican musician and performer. He was born on December 21, 1987 as Kenrick Graham and we here at B.O.S.S. Radio were blessed to have him join us by telephone to talk about his music, career, and life. He also tells us the story on how his name was created (very dual personality.) We discussed growing up in Portland Cottage Clarendon, Being inspired first by his school teachers to never give up, to performing in front of a plethora of fans. He broke down the meaning behind is chart topping record "Still A Hold It" and told us about more music in the making. The recording single “Still a hold it” was recorded and released in 2018, Produced by House Of Payne Empire Inc. Recently the song was revamped and has been playing on many radio stations Worldwide giving him a household name in the music industry. So, tune in turn up and zone out as we bring to you Mr. Jah Kooks... ht

[Live Interview] Melanie Comarcho Live

Melanie Comarcho Live On B.O.S.S. RADIO Follow Her NOW!!! Melanie has been traveling the world bringing laughter to peoples lives since the early '90's. Her comedic genius works in ways that differentiates itself from the competition. Winning awards since the beginning of her career, you can tell she was just born to tell jokes and make people feel good. So, it was only right that  B.O.S.S. Radio and Southside Bosses brought her on the show to pick her brain and understand what makes her tick. Where exactly does her jokes come from her and more? (Click Here to tune in Sept. 5th at 2 PM CT) “ Independent Woman ”  Melanie   Comarcho  brings the funny with hilarious observations on the relationships between men and women. Melanie Comarcho was born in  Chicago and raised in Inglewood, California . After high school she entered the Military (Army), and once honorably discharged she returned home. Melanie worked as an assembler/technician at Hu

J. Lee the Korean Sensation

J. Lee " Dream " Keun Woo J. Lee  Will be joining B.O.S.S. Radio for a live interview to discuss the release of his video releasing May 31st, DREAM. This Korean talent has a whole career ahead of him and his motivational pop song (이근우) was born in Seoul, South Korea and raised in California. J. Lee started his musical journey with the piano at three years old. By the time he was five, he was actively learning to sing and taking piano lessons. J picked up other instruments — like the guitar and drums — as he grew older. J found much of his passion for music early on from both the Korean and American cultures. His influences come from Korean ballad and R&B artists like Kim Bum-soo (김범수), Yoon Min-soo (윤민수), Jay Park (박재범), and Shin Yong-jae (신용재). Artists like Brian McKnight, Boyz II Men, Justin Bieber, and Bruno Mars also inspire J. Lee’s music. The young singer is an audio engineer and producer. He built a replica of Neumann’s U87 microphone when he

[NEW INTERVIEW] Effex Music of X-Fakkta Entertainment

X-Fakkta Presents Effex Music's own Dale Hicks and Big Wood Live Producer of "I Want Your Love", winner of First place in the New York Regional mixed National Musical Trade Association, Dale Hicks of Effex Music joined Mr. E with Big Wood and hipped us to the plays they have been making these past 35 years. Giving us the key to success, which is of course patience, they exhibit knowledge of the different progressions of the industry and still continue to create amazing music that reaches to the root of rhythm and the cause of blues. The excitement of HipHop has been captured in the beats that comes out of the Effex Music Camp. With Big Wood, the first cousin, working hard as publicist, was not afraid to challeng the hip hop moguls in finding a way to stop the violence, in wake of the senseless murder of Nipsey Hussle. Commenting on the necessity of artists to finally take responsibility for the actions of the paper that they write their lyrics on. So Tune

T-Cush Since Day One

T-Cush LIVE on B.O.S.S. RADIO Great show with T-Cush and the Fam of SINCE DAY ONE. Mr. E and the Gwinnett based rapper chopped it up on a myriad of subjects. Music, High school, growing up in Georgia, groupies (but lets keep that between you and me ok LMAO), and more was discussed and he gave us a little insight to the amazing future that they have in store for all of their fans. So listen in below and hear it for yourself... IT'S T-CUSH AND SINCE DAY ONE!!! My name is Thomas Jacob Zaczek otherwise known as T-Cush. I was born on August 12 th , 1998 in Lawrenceville, Georgia. I grew up in a couple different towns in Gwinnett County with some years spent in Buford, Dacula, and Dunwoody. I went to school at Millcreek Highschool home of the Mill Creek Hawks. I started fishing when I was three years old, thanks to my Dad, Brian Zaczek, and competed in the Bassmaster’s Highschool Tournament trail, representing the state of Georgia for the National Championship i