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Friday, January 5, 2018

Fraud Exam With Connie Lofton

Fraud Exam

With Connie Lofton

Bitconnect has been outlawed in Texas by the Securities Exchange Commissioner of the State of Texas. He deems that the cryptocurrency entity show to many signs of being a ponzischeme. The Texas regulator has been quoted saying:

“BitConnect has disclosed virtually nothing about its principals, financial condition, or strategies for earning profits for investors. It has not provided a physical address in England.
“Despite providing no information on how it will make money for investors – including the algorithms behind the Trading Bot – BitConnect is touting its investments as a “safe way to earn a high rate of return.”
“Investing in cryptocurrencies, however, carries significant risk because of regulatory and legal actions, competition from other cryptocurrencies, and the extreme volatility in the price of many cryptocurrencies.”

Now this would prove very difficult separating Texans from their holdings in the London based company. But how do you, as a consumer, investor, or everyday layman, protect yourself from being sucked into a ponzischeme, fraud case, or a scam that can ultimately ruin your financial dreams.
Thats why B.O.S.S. Radio asked Connie Lofton Certified Fraud Examiner to join us in a chat to divulge tips that will help you protect your money while it works for you. If anyone who is looking to invest in a new company, especially one that isn't a publicly traded company, you need a Certified Fraud Examiner just as much as you would need a qualified Financial Advisor. Contact Connie Lofton for more details MZCONI@Yahoo.com
So listen to our interview of Connie and learn how to protect your money...

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