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beat an Android mobile app for your business

Southside Bosses (@SBCMovement) tweeted at 11:26 AM on Fri, May 10, 2013: #IMAGE #GRAPHICS #APPS BUILT BY @Gutta_Baby OF @SBCMovement GET AT HIM FOR #FLYERS #POSTERS #MOBILE #APPS #ANDROID

Graphics and mobile apps

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Name my next mix CD

My 2013 mix CD is gonna be what's popping this year. Its got that fire attached to it that makes it as hot as the South. With artists from Dade County N.O. and Atlanta the best in he South. But alas, what shall I name it. The best name chosen will win $50 and a free autograph copy thanking them for the original name. Contest ends June 5th winner announced 1 week later. Get Creative and lets Produce Legends . SOUTHSIDE BOSSES CONNECTION