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Dejah Lewis- A Reggae Sensation

DEJAH LEWIS Reggae S3ensation Dejah Lewis from Kingston, Jamaica blessed the hosts of B.O.S.S. Radios Reggae Hour. Mr. E and Melanie Ann, during a lovely phone call Monday, April 26th, Dejah introduce herself and everyone talked reggae, life, collaborations tours and more. Denette Lewis aka Dejah Lewis was born on May 3, 1986, in Kingston Jamaica where she spent half of her childhood days in Clarendon and also where she first started singing at the age of 3 in church. She then moved back into Kingston at age 8, where she began to sing with her sister Noreta Lewis who at that time had won the JCDC Gospel Festival 2000 while she was attending the Kingston Technical High School. In school she began to enter into various school competitions such the JCDC School Festival where she receive a gold and several other medals for winning the singing competition. After finishing school, she started doing music full time, where she started working with gospel artist such as her sister Noreta Lewis

[New Release] Nugget De Serko Good Game

For Immediate Release (WARM BREW) deSerko "NUGGET" RELEASE DATE APRIL 16TH 2021 GOOD GAME RECORDS deSerko aka Serk Spliff of L.A.’s legendary rap group Warm Brew, debuts his first of three singles with a sultry love letter to the one that almost got away “Nugget”. deSerko’s classic warm delivery dives into emotional bars of reflection, heart ache and regret over the years of touring the world breaking hearts and bourbon bottles, while the one he loves is at home picking up the pieces. deSerko remends matters of the heart over piano chords, infectious high hats and a westside bass line to reveal lessons learned from mistakes along the way has made the love more real than ever. He fucked up and isn't afraid to speak heavy on it. Nugget is a song for all who need a voice for the mistakes made with the one they love. 2021 deSerko Release Calendar 4/16 - "NUGGET" (Single) *Click here for advance link 5/21 - "WHHW' (Single/Video) 6/11 - CAN'T FIRE ME,I QU

[New Release] Rad Dixon--Reggae

  WELCOME New Album coming soon!!! Born in the parish of Manchester, Rad began singing at the age of ten. Rad Dixon is an extraordinary artist with a vision who grew up in small rural area in Dunsinane, Manchester, Rad left his hometown and moved to Florida in the United States this was where he found a larger audience to fulfil his love for music . It was his mother who fathered him throughout the absence of his father. Rad’s father left him at the age of three, there was no contact with his father until nine years after, at the age of twelve. Special emphasis was placed on education for Rad and his three siblings. His pursuit for music was put on hold as he did not want to repeat the same mistake his father made with him when he was young, as he was a father himself, so he had to make a decision to be with his son while his passion and drive for music was put on hold. What distinguishes Rad from other upcoming artists is his love and dedication to music. His passion for music is dee

[New Artist] Sean-Toure'

That Blackness Artist:  Sean-Toure’ Genre:  Hip Hop, Rap Location:  Baltimore, MD Single:  " That Blackness " Stream / Download: hyperfollow/seantoure/that- blackness v=RT1TZ7-Kvks Artwork:  See Below Twitter:  @SeanToure @IStillLoveHER_ Links: SeanToure seantoure seantoure About: The prolific Baltimore Producer/Emcee Sean-Toure’ Thames has officially released his 2ndsingle called “That Blackness” from his forthcoming Melanin Magic, Melody, and the Maker album (coming summer 2021). Energetically taking on the self-produced beat mixed and mastered by DJ CamOne, Sean praises the melanin his skin bears while giving similarly pigmented listeners the confidence to do the same. In the process, Sean addresses white supremacy with bold lines like, “I’m not your n$gga, or your coon, or your Negro. I swear to God I’m not something that you’re used to!"

[New Album] Jah Light: Almighty Zion Keepers